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Welcome to PUMA Korea, right in the heart of Seoul. This is where lifestyles blend with the local culture to create a completely new one.


Coming together at PUMA Korea

In this exciting atmosphere, PUMA Korea channels the passions of about 180 people, including 13 owned and operated stores. We're a constantly growing young team, mostly consisting of millennials, which defines our company culture and makes a difference. Together, we work toward a meaningful goal, while staying flexible and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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At PUMA, we make work play. We tackle complex challenges, work hard, high-five and celebrate.

Sunny Kim Senior Manager People & Organization
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Here, there, everywhere

In our agile office, you're offered the flexibility and chance for broader communication with different functions. Our front office functions can choose different seats and types of desks every day, while back office functions sit at designated areas to be easily found when support is needed.
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Come together

...in our collaboration zones for small or casual meetings. When you're taking a break, meet up with colleagues in our canteen and mingle.
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Time for some warm-up

...to relax. Our warm-up room is open to you whenever you feel the need to recharge some energy.
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Kids Welcome

Bringing your kids to work is always an option at PUMA. For any childcare emergencies, our parent-child office offers a safe place for your kids to be while you work. It's fully equipped for you to work while the kids can play around.
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Meet the Team

We are what enriches PUMA with Speed and Spirit, each player is an individual talent and a force to be reckoned with when we come together. See what drives us, and how we celebrate when we score. So, what’s your game?



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Percentage of female and male employees


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Percentage of female and male employees in leadership

PUMA Wellbeing at South Korea


  • Free fruit
  • Gym contribution
  • Medical check-up


  • Anniversary allowance
  • Community engagement
  • Company parties


  • Birthday leave policy
  • Flextime
  • Parental leave policy


  • Employee discount
  • English tuition contribution
  • Medical & life insurance
  • Private pension planning
  • Special occasion gifts

Recharge Your Battery with PUMA Flex

PUMA Korea knows that modern careers mean flexible working. Cathy Hur - Manager, Merchandising Local Production - improves her day with flexible working hours, a solution that makes recharge her batteries to balance her work and life.

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Manager Merchandising Local Production Cathy
Mural being painted by PUMA employees
PUMA employees painting a wall
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During a trip to Jeju Island, PUMA Korea team members painted old, faded walls of a local elementary school. 

Colorful wall paintings inspired by 4 seasons of Korea were drawn for children to enjoy during their sports classes and while playing on the field. Through a beauty of mural art, we want to bring colors and smile to lives of kids.