LaMelo Chino Hills



PUMA Basketball takes a culture first approach. Our shoes are stylish on and off the court, and stand out when performing at an NBA level. The fusion of court and street is our core principle that drives everything we do: “Made for the street. Built for the Court.”


All pro nitro

PUMA Basketball is all about the culture first mindset. The court is more than just a basketball gym: it is a stage for music, a runway for fashion, and an amplifier for entertainment. The story doesn’t just stop when the final buzzer sounds – that’s when the real story starts.

Our mindset is embodied by one of our own, Walt Clyde Frazier. Clyde himself made basketball culture what it is today – the style, the swag, the persona. He used the game as a platform to express interests in fashion, music, and entertainment. His footwear was an extension of this mindset and our inspiration to get back on the court. He was the first modern NBA player to be as impactful off the court as he was on the court.

Today, we continue have an impact by designing shoes that maximize all aspects of the game. Our All-Pro NITRO featuring NITRO™ SQD foam-technology makes our ballers not only stylish, but also incredibly functional and fast.


Introducing the new wave of PUMA Basketball athletes. These amazing athletes are known for their work on the court just as much as they are for their personal style and swagger off the court. We are proud to call them part of the PUMAFam. 


LaMelo Ball 

LaMelo Ball is one of the most exciting players in the NBA and represents the next generation of basketball. Together with LaMelo, we created the LaFrancé Collection, which has a luxurious twist, weaving in a dramatic yet romantic take to on-court and off-court fashion. With his signature shoe collection that is updated frequently, LaMelo keeps inspiring the B-Ball crowds.


Breanna Stewart

Champion Breanna Stewart continues to make her mark on the court after receiving the WNBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award 2023. She has received her second Commissioners Cup Championship, led the New York Liberty to a historic 32-win campaign, and become the first player in league history to average 23 points, 9 rebounds, and 3 assists during a single season. Stewart was the first female player in a decade to receive their own signature shoes.

Scoot Henderson

Scoot Henderson

O.D.D. – Overly Determined to Dominate is Scoot Henderson’s personal mantra. The PUMA athlete is the youngest to ever receive a signature shoe before entering the NBA. The debut colourway of the All-Pro NITRO celebrated Scoot with an ode to long nights spent working hard and the neon vibes of a 24-hour diner.



Elevating the game: In cooperation with NXTPRO and the PRO16, PUMA is the official partner and outfitter for all NXTPRO camps and circuits. The partnership elevates the game for players and coaches, providing unparalleled exposure and transformative opportunities within the realm of basketball and beyond. Our innovational All-Pro NITRO featuring NITRO™ SQD foam-technology will make NXTPRO LEAGUE players FOREVER. FASTER.