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We know it takes more than just a great job to give PUMA employees peace of mind. WELLBEING@PUMA is our promise to keep your work-life balance in check. From organizing sports and social gatherings to managing parental leave and pension plans, we support your needs every step of the way.

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WELLBEING@PUMA is structured in four areas to provide a well-rounded program where you can unleash your athletic energy, connect with others, customize your work to fit, and plan better for the future. With our Athlete, Social, Flex and Finance offers, you have the opportunity to shape your working day.

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Being a sports brand, it’s no wonder that sport is life at PUMA. This is what our employees can feel every day in all PUMA locations around the world. So anytime you feel motivated to get active - check out the various offers of PUMA Athlete.

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At PUMA we have a strong sport culture that we also fuel through our wellbeing benefits, with a variety of sport events and activities throughout the year, as well as regular internal sports classes using our own and outside sports facilities. Sport is a big part of work-life and we make sure that employees enjoy their best sport experience at PUMA.



Healthy eating is essential – not only for athletes. So, we give this topic just as much thought as any other benefit, taking it into full consideration in our wellbeing concept. Your health and consequently, healthy eating, is important to us. PUMA’s green eating concept incorporates fresh and regional foods, but also sustainability and healthy nutrition. Live up your healthy lifestyle with the help from our organic canteens, free fruit and water, health weeks, nutrition talks and many more.



Mindfulness at PUMA is more than a buzz word. It’s a fundamental part of our wellbeing program to help everyone cope successfully with stress, and stay motivated and innovative to maintain the success of PUMA. Our first mindfulness-based training programs started at our Headquarters in 2012. Meanwhile, we have embedded mindfulness techniques such as meditation in our International Leadership Program and moved forward with local initiatives. We strongly believe in this approach to keeping your mental and physical wellbeing high.

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It takes teamwork to create, innovate, and ignite the passion for PUMA as a brand and to introduce positive change. With our combined energy, we work together at the office, on the playing field, and in community projects.

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At PUMA we want to make you and your team successful too, nurturing strong bonds through a global work experience. Only when we come together, we can unleash the best in all of us. It’s not only about working together but also growing and playing together too.

We live the camaraderie of our company in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere through regular get-together opportunities. At the coffee bar, the canteen, or in social areas but also in our company events like the summer BBQs, festival celebrations and community engagement activities. When we work, we work best in a team, bringing PUMA to life with our united energy.

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We are well aware of our responsibility and our impact on the community and the environment. Therefore, PUMA is working hard to act as a sustainable company. We are constantly setting ourselves specific targets as defined in our Sustainability Strategy and are partnering with several experts, industries and non-profit organizations or programs.

For those of us who want to get involved directly and personally, we created the “Community Engagement Program" where PUMA employees all over the world have the chance to get active and help to create a positive impact in communities where we have a presence as a brand.

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For us, flexible working is basic equipment all our players need to have. We know our employees are looking for modern careers in modern workplaces and we give our best to provide you a range of solutions that suit their different life stages. From mobile working to flexible hours and much more, we want you to be able to live your life without limitations by offering choices that match.

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Mobile Working is common at PUMA. If you need to stay at home or work from somewhere else, you can stay connected with even more flexibility. Flexible hours can help you to tailor your day to best suit you, with full flexibility to start and end your day.

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Kids are our future and always welcome! We know it can be hard to plan the time to start a family. We understand the importance of family and support our working parents in their daily business. You might know the feeling when your babysitter calls in sick or you don’t get a spot at your child care service? No problem, there are several initiatives to combine work and family life at PUMA. Kids days, summer camp or parent child offices for emergency situations ease the life of our working parents.

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Pension advice? Employee discounts? What about travel insurance? Our additional PUMA financial services offer peace of mind, so you can focus on your life and career.

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At PUMA, we live today and think of tomorrow. And this is how we want to support your future wellbeing, by giving you some security beside your job. For this we offer you different opportunities – like private pension planning, simple saving plans, among others - to keep your financial future on track. Your health is equally important and that’s why we provide our employees with different benefits like medical insurances, travel insurances and much more. All and all, all the contributions, discounts and reimbursements should help to relieve you a bit.