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Take ownership of your performance and focus on what you can control. Ask yourself the question: Will I change the game?

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Your Team

Remember: We are stronger together. With our shared momentum we all make PUMA the best place to be.

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Your Word

Speak with one voice. Our mantra is Forever Faster. It is our endless pursuit to push sport forward.

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Ruling PUMA Retail

Inspiration knows no bounds at PUMA. Our stores are where consumers can embrace their own Forever Faster spirit and explore PUMA’s enabling product offer. It’s the responsibility of you to ensure this energy is kept alive. For this, PUMA offers a range of consumer facing positions and a wide variety of functional support roles. No matter in which country you’re located, PUMA embraces diversity worldwide and we’re motivated to create an environment where inspiration knows no bounds. As Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer, we play fair, providing equal opportunities to everyone, disregarding race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, gender, physical or mental disability, veteran-status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state or local law.

People in the PUMA Store

We are a team and cannot let our teammates down. Together we can accomplish anything.

Russel Kahn, Sr Vice President Retail

Living the PUMA Experience

At PUMA, we live Forever Faster. Our energy captures our love of the brand and we share it with the world in our stores. Our stores are sporty, fun, and impactful. As sport brand, fair play comes naturally to PUMA and makes us interact with fairness and confidence.

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On the Fast Track

Certain positions call for certain strategies and talents. Your progression through PUMA’s retail team positions comes down to your ability to lead a team through education, delegation, and motivation of an increasingly larger audience.

Sales Associate

Provide the highest levels of service to PUMA customers within a Retail Store to share our love for the brand, max out PUMA’s performance, and prove why PUMA is the Fastest Sports Brand in the world.

Sales Supervisor

Captain the sales team, manage and promote sales culture within a Retail Store. Aim high and score to achieve or exceed sales, and share your energy to make PUMA Forever Faster.

Stock Manager

Make our PUMA spirit available to consumers by keeping the day-to-day stockroom operations in line, taking full accountability for what products are available.

Assistant Store Manager

Team up with PUMA Store Managers to power up the sales of PUMA Retail Stores. Whatever goes on in the store, you’re in on the action, planning, managing and communicating.

Store Manager

Embody PUMA Speed and Spirit and share it with the team. Keep PUMA Stores running smoothly by managing the team and taking decisions to make PUMA the Fastest Sports Brand in the world.

Area Manager (US ONLY)

Live PUMA’s Speed and Spirit and show it by promoting a selling culture in your area. Keep multiple PUMA Stores running smoothly by leading other Store Managers and make PUMA the Fastest Sports Brand in the World.

District Manager  (US ONLY)

Exemplify PUMA Speed and Spirit! Lead a District of Stores to elevate sales, the customer experience and profitability. Embrace accountability to make PUMA the Fastest Sports Brand in the world.

Regional Manager

Strategically manage and promote a culture of Speed and Spirit within a Region to achieve and exceed sales, KPI’s, and profitability goals to position PUMA to be the Fastest Sports Brand in the world.

PUMA store

I've never felt so much love from one company. To have so much time invested in my training, goals and to feel so valued. I learned that to be Forever Faster is to be remarkable.

Meriana Ireland, Assistant Store Manager

Best Foot Forward

One of the best ways to express our Speed and Spirit is to give you the chance to do the same. PUMA supports your endless need to strive forward with training and mentoring, and by offering the right opportunities.

Billy Giano

Billy Giano

Senior Analyst Operational Controlling


”Besides PUMA being an awesome company to work for, I love PUMA Retail because of the people, work environment, and continual growth and development. Throughout my tenure with the company, I have had the best mentors you can ask for, who have supported me every step of the way. I would not be where I am today without them. People always bring their best foot forward for things that they believe in, and I will always believe in PUMA.“


  • Seasonal Sales Associate North Park, TX
  • Part-time Sales Associate North Park, TX
  • Full-time Supervisor North Park, TX
  • Store Manager, Houston Galleria & Grand Prairie, TX
  • Sr. Inventory Control Analyst
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Jorge Encarnacion

Retail Area Manager

Step Forward

”My journey started when I walked in the mall and felt the different vibe from a particular store. I stopped by this store to check if they had another pair of my favorite shoes. I applied at PUMA and was hired soon after. Since then, I’ve been working with great leaders and trainers who have molded me into the leader and trainer I am today. I never knew that one application would lead to a more than 13-year career filled with great times with great people.“


  • Sales Associate Houston Galleria, TX
  • Supervisor Houston Galleria, TX
  • Assistant Manager Houston Galleria, TX
  • Store Manager Houston Premium, TX Las Americas & San Fransisco Premium, CA
  • Area Manager Northern California
PUMA Global Retail Training Manager Yuliya

Yuliya Davidenko

Senior Manager Global Retail Training

A Team for a Goal

”PUMA is a different place and I love it« was my first thought and feeling when I entered the PUMA store on my first day. And this was a lasting impression, one that I cherish and have strengthened during my 10 years of not just staying, but evolving with the brand. People work for people and this is what PUMA truly embraces with the way we treat each other, develop and collaborate. When I speak about development, it’s not just a fancy word.

There’s tons of examples that I had the luck to witness: of people taking opportunities provided by PUMA, stretching themselves and growing, from Associate and Store Manager positions to Heads of Retail around the globe. I am grateful for the mentors I was given and became a mentor for others, for the changes we can make and experience the resulting positive impact. We listen to each other and we can be heard. The multitude of cultures, diversity in personalities, and most importantly, the open mindset of PUMA to embrace it all – this what I especially enjoy!“


  • Store Manager, Lugansk, Ukraine
  • Retail Training Manager Ukraine
  • Retail Training Manager Ukraine & Russia
  • Retail Trainer Europe
  • Retail Training Manager Europe
  • Global Retail Training Manager
Martín standing in front of shoes

Martín Isabella

Head of Retail

Love the Sport

”After a more than 15-year career, I still have the same feeling as on my first day at PUMA. This is the company I want to be a part of. I’m still amazed by the brand, products, company and people, and especially by my personal journey. I started at PUMA in an entry-level position as a Commercial Assistant, full of excitement and hungry of opportunities. And year after year new opportunities and challenges emerged and I had the chance to raise my hand and say, ‘I can do it’. And this Is what I love of PUMA. PUMA is full of surprises and gives you the chance to make your dream come true. 14 years ago, I never imagined that one day I would lead more than 280 people and run one of the top Retail businesses of the world. This is PUMA. And PUMA expects that you are prepared to raise your hand and say, ‘I can do it.’.“


  • Commercial Assistant, Argentina
  • PRS Country Representative & Visual Merchandising Coordinator, Argentina
  • Merchandiser Accessories, Argentina
  • Country Retail Merchandiser, Argentina
  • Retail Operation Manager, Argentina
  • Country Retail Manager, Argentina

Dare to Grow

Our number one resource? You! That’s why PUMA Retail provides a comprehensive on-boarding, followed by continual investment in your development with access to programs including PUMA University for Trainers, PUMA University for Leaders, the International Leadership Program, and various interpersonal and technical skill workshops.


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