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The playing field has become as diverse as its players – and we love it. PUMA supplies athletes with the right equipment on the fields, tracks and courses. To achieve that, we've done what any athlete before us has done: we focused.


Get together and play. Football, handball, rugby, cricket, volleyball. Teamsport, particularly football, is beloved in every corner of the world. We love to follow, watch and play the game. No PUMA without football, no football without PUMA. All the more reason for us to push performance in football. With Italy, Manchester City and Borussia Dortmund, we cooperate with some of the best teams in the world.

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PUMA Teamsport
PUMA track and field

track and field

A brief run-down of PUMA's history in running shows it's rich and long. The goal has remained the same: make each one of our athletes faster. Today, PUMA fuses experience with cutting-edge technologies in both footwear and apparel, while bringing style, attitude, and swagger to the world of Track and Field.

Set the Pace


Get geared up with motorsport footwear and apparel created by PUMA. Our journey on the race track started at the end of the last century. Together with best-in-class motorsport brands such as Ferrari, Mercedes AMG Petronas, BMW, and Porsche, we have created iconic products with style and attitude.

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Ace the course with stylish, performance-ready golf apparel, footwear, accessories and clubs with cutting-edge technology by COBRA PUMA GOLF. Our goal is to help golfers "Look Better. Feel Better. Play Better." and enjoy the game with innovative gear.

Take a Swing


When Walt Clyde Frazier entered the court, basketball became a lifestyle. And that's what we continue to live with PUMA Basketball: Culture First. With our PUMA Basketball shoes, the court turns into a stage for style, powered by high-performance gear.

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Other Fields of Play

Sport is lifestyle. So it's only natural to revel in it, even when we're taking a time-out. Add finishing touches to your favorite footwear and apparel with PUMA accessories. Go about your day and break out into a sprint, whenever you feel like it in our Sportstyle. Let the kids run and explore with PUMA Kids. Put the fun in functionality with PUMA.

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