Store Manager Andree Niederbacher

Well-executed training enhances performance and also ensures a passionate workplace. Training is one of the keys to success in business. I am happy to be a part of that.

Andree Niederbacher, Store Manager, Austria
Training at PUMA

PUMA Retail Training Curriculum

The PUMA Retail training curriculum encompasses the skills needed to ace day-to-day business. It’s rooted in the areas of Brand and Product Knowledge, Selling, Functional and Leadership Skills. To cover all fields, we have developed a series of Retail Training workshops as well as eLearning modules to provide you with everything you need and more. And because we know everyone has different training levels and deserves the chance to push forward, we designed the training programs in each pillar to supplement each other to always have you learning something new.

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Brand and Product Knowledge

You’re in PUMA retail – what now? It’s time to get the tools you need to share PUMA passion with our store customers. That includes understanding PUMA as a company, our heritage and what our products are, and how to translate that into your position as a brand ambassador in our customers. Remember: You are now enabling others to become Forever Faster.

Brand knowledge

  • Learning about PUMA, from our historical starting blocks to our future goals
  • Identifying distinctive PUMA milestones
  • Understanding PUMA values and business strategy

Product knowledge

  • Learning about collections and understanding their key stories and highlights 
  • Recognizing fundamental features/advantages/benefits to confidently sell a specific PUMA product
  • Understanding the technology and materials behind PUMA footwear and apparel to convince customers of the advantages of PUMA product


It takes strategy to score a goal and that’s what sales are at PUMA Retail. Our Selling Skill training takes your abilities to the next level for even better sales results. This incorporates essential skills such as open communication and the know-how from PUMA’s Customer Service Program BE NICE to help you improve your salesmanship. The end results? Happy customers, who keep on coming back.

Training at PUMA
PUMA Store in Osaka

Functional Skills

Step up your game as Store Manager by absorbing this training to get a clearer understanding of your weekly responsibilities, how to put PUMA visual merchandise in the spotlight and how to stay organized while driving store performance forward. With the tools to get others hyped to perform regular tasks and grow their abilities, you can set up new shop records.

Leadership Skills

A team captain is more than just a capable player. They know their team, their strengths and weaknesses, and how to bring out the best in others. PUMA Retail team leaders motivate as they communicate, are role models for PUMA Speed and Spirit, and carry teams to victory. And because no-one is born with all the skills, PUMA offers you the chance to become an excellent leader.

Training at PUMA
Training at PUMA

PUMA University for Trainers

Become a PUMA Training ambassador through PUMA University, a global program to develop PUMA trainers, capable of coaching, training and developing PUMA Retail talent on a local level, worldwide. Connect with PUMA’s global pool of training professionals, share best practices, and become the drive behind PUMA’s Retail learning, development and leadership. PUMA University for Trainers is about more than providing information. It's about passing on the best tools to put training into the hands of our local employees. Empower PUMA to be Forever Faster by passing the baton to our Retail talents.

training at PUMA

PUMA University for Leaders

Those who show promise enter the next league to become new leaders in retail. Your growth, your skills, are what puts PUMA on the global stage. Explore the depth of your leadership skills with your potential as a leader and our training resources.

Training and Development Specialist Evgenya Lipchinskaya
I felt so appreciated and responsible for the opportunity to learn and demonstrate performance.
Evgeniya Lipchinskaya, People & Organization Partner
Retail Training Manager Europe Joachim Kohlbacher
PUMA University was a professional and very personal learning journey.
Joachim Kohlbacher, Retail Training Manager, Germany
Managerin Training and Consumer Service Laura
PUMA leadership skills motivated me and reinforced the knowledge of training management.
Laura Jeon, Manager Training & Consumer Service, South Korea
Training and Development Specialist Nikolay Lukin
After PUMA University work is life PUMA style!
Nikolay Lukin, Manager People Development & Organizational Learning, Russia
Junior Manager HR Administration Silke Hartmann
Training never stops. Keep developing.
Silke Hartmann, People & Organization Partner, Germany