M-07- Cathy Hur


Cathy Hur- Merchandising Manager, Local Production

I am Cathy Hur and I love the PUMA brand so much. As manager of the local Merchandising production team at PUMA Korea, I help to develop local apparel and accessories for our franchise and wholesale channels.

When describing my experience at PUMA I always use the same observation: Human energy seems to be similar to a mobile phone battery. When we use it too much it runs down and needs to be recharged. In the past, as an employee at another company, I was young and inexperienced and had no idea how to balance my work and life. I focused all my energy on achieving my tasks within the deadline and always being at my desk. I did nothing but work until everything was complete. As a result, I was always exhausted and always felt like “my battery” was running low. Often, I didn't have enough energy to do all things that need to be done in my life outside the office - simple things like shopping and paying bills, exercising, cleaning, educating myself about something new or even socializing.

In most offices there is a great deal of pressure to focus on tasks and deadlines and there is very little focus on a work life balance. In most office cultures hierarchy is important and people feel uncomfortable leaving before the boss leaves. This makes it difficult to plan extra-curricular activities for after work hours.

But it’s different at PUMA Korea.

Cathy Hur

The workplace at PUMA Korea is unusual because it’s flexible.

Here we are able to plan the daily schedule as needed.

This has allowed me to work-out at a nearby gym before going to work. It has given me much more than just a slimmer body. Now I’m able to channel my work stress into work energy.  I now experience growth along with a mind that is energized and free to start the day.

All this is possible because PUMA has an encouraging atmosphere around sports.

This kind of flexibility runs throughout the PUMA Korea office and applies to everyone’s needs.

People with families have time to get the kids to school and people who just need a little more sleep are also able to take advantage of a flexible working hour system. These are luxuries not many companies in Korea offer.

It's a whole new way of looking at work and life, the way they mix together and enhance each other. My advice to all professionals is to figure out how a work/life balance would benefit you, taking advantage of the flex-time and the wellness activities that are offered or finding time to create your own. This mental and physical “cross training” can only allow you to enjoy your life and make you more productive. Besides — it’s beneficial to all of us: our friends, our families and the businesses that employ us.