M-19- Sangsue Park


Challenges are not an obstacle, but an opportunity to grow and reach new levels. Sangsue has been with PUMA Korea for 3 years and he has overcome the challenges with positive spirit.

Please introduce yourself

I am responsible for Business Intelligence of System Administration on the IT Team. My focus these days is creating BI reports through data management and systems. I am working on developing reports required by each team to establish a data model fit to the local business. My ultimate goal is to develop systemic data that PUMA Korea employees can easily read and understand.

M-18- Sangsue Park

What makes you think that 'PUMA Korea is different'?

I am very interested in sports, and PUMA has signed sponsorships with many professional teams and their players. Whenever I find a PUMA ambassador playing well in the match, I feel a great sense of pride as a PUMA employee. In particular, I'm a fan of Manchester City, and it's quite interesting to see not only the result but also how PUMA Ambassadors expose our products in the game.
I also love reading the in-house magazine CATch up, which includes a separate SPORTS section. It helps me quickly catch up with sports trends related to the company. All in all, working for PUMA Korea as a sports fan is a pleasure as well as a motivation.

M-18- Sangsue Park

What was your most memorable project or rewarding moment at work?

I think it was the time when I created a sales report that is automatically updated by Power BI instead of sharing with Excel everyday.
There was a lot of trial and error as I made new things from scratch. The most fulfilling moment was when I got to see fellow workers using the report I developed and sending positive feedback. Because I learned a lot about what other teams were doing and how they went through the process, it was also a chance for me to improve myself.

What type of people do you enjoy working with most?

Since I am dealing with the data, it is very important to have a solid verification process. Because data never lies, a meticulous personality is really important.