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Shape PUMA Product Management

Bring products from idea to reality. Go the extra mile and lead the product strategy to exceed the expectations of consumers and retail partners. This requires a fast-paced work to identify the next trends in culture that will inspire PUMA’s sport & fashion products. Our product masterminds build the connection of consumers and markets with our design, development and marketing teams. 

Driven by the passion for sport & fashion, our product teams are constantly working to research, discover and experience the emerging trends in culture that will make an impact in consumers and, consequently, the product creation. The needs from athletes, the revolutionary styles from influencers and the collaboration with artists are the greatest sources for their inspiration in the future products. These trends are being shaped every day in the streets, on the pitch and through social conversations. The speed of change nowadays makes our product guys get into their fastest to go through the latest innovations and the most creative ideas and bring them to the consumers in the shortest time possible. 


Driven by insights

Travelling to fairs, meeting face-to-face with athletes, consumers and customers and visiting the PUMA factories provides our products teams also relevant insights to lead the product creation through all the right steps. 

Shaping ideas

The process of product creation is an exciting game. While responding to the demands of the markets and consumers, our product teams strive to develop the product plans that will be able to grow the business. This means a lot of decision making based on the market and financial analysis. 

Working together

Creating the best products for our athletes and consumers is a team effort. We join our minds, energy and passion with our design, development, merchandising & go-to-market and marketing teams. It’s all about interacting, communicating and working hand-in-hand to deliver the greatest products in quality, design and function. 

Victory Round

Our team highlight? Getting the first prototype of a new product. After sketching out the idea on paper and sending it out for prototyping, we can't wait to actually get our hands on the product.

Sustainable Choices

PUMA has understood the importance of sustainability for a long time. That's why we set and follow ambitious sustainability targets for our main materials. And our Product Management teams are also deeply involved. We are working on sustainable collections which take the whole supply chain into account - from the cotton field up to the final product. Everyday, we strive to find new ways of making our products more sustainable, building on from our rich history into a more sustainable future.


If you have a good idea it is heard, regardless of your age or gender or your position.

Lisa Huber Teamhead Product Line Management Accessories
Around the World

PUMA Product Management around the World

Our work in the PUMA product teams takes us around the world – whether its just for a short time or long-term. Where would you rather be?

Unlocking our PUMA Potential

Our product teams live PUMA’s speed and spirit and are part of a vibrant working culture that makes us move all together as a team. We engage in many team events, social projects, sports competitions and creative workshops. This creates strong connections between each other to be forever faster. 

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