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Since 2007 PUMA's regional hub is in Singapore with two more offices in Malaysia and Indonesia. The region is a diverse mix of languages, religions and cultures, turning it into an exciting place to work and live in.

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Singapore is a vibrant city in the heart of Southeast Asia. Though physically small, it's an economic giant and Southeast Asia's most modern city for over a century. Like the entire region, Singapore has a diversity of languages, religions and cultures, Chinese, Malay, Indian and other small ethnic groups among them. The mix can be felt from historical buildings alongside modern architectural marvels, to street food served up side-by-side with internationally-acclaimed gourmet fare, the city is a celebration of diversity that goes beyond the postcard-perfect sight of steely skyscrapers.

Located at Toa Payoh North, PUMA Singapore’s office is well-connected to major public transportation. Generally, it's a very common way of getting around, since everything is easily accessible by MRT and buses. The same goes for our PUMA Singapore office. Though for shopping malls, hotels, dining and entertainment places, we're pretty lucky to have them nearby, surrounding our office area.




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Meet PUMA Indonesia

Indonesia truly is one the world’s most diverse and vibrant countries. With more than 300 ethnic groups speaking 200 distinct languages and dialects, the Indonesian population exhibits incredible diversity in its linguistic, cultural and religious traditions. It's the largest archipelago-state in the world, made up of approximately 3,000 islands. The most important are Borneo (Kalimantan), Sumatra, Java, Celebes, Bali, the Moluccas, Western New Guinea and Timor. As it straddles the equator, the island group has a tropical, rainy climate and dense rainforest vegetation.

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Jakarta is the dynamic capital city of the Republic of Indonesia. Over the last several decades, Jakarta has proudly developed into one of Asia's most prominent metropolitan centers. With a current population of over nine million people, Jakarta has undergone dramatic growth. Public transportation and ojek, a motorcycle taxi, are popular modes of transportation to commute everywhere due to traffic congestion in the city.

PUMA Indonesia was incorporated in August 2014. It's in the Mega Kuningan area, the fastest growing district of Jakarta’s Golden Triangle. This is an elite commercial area housing embassies, exclusive office buildings, luxury residential towers and shopping malls. In the past years, we've been doing our part by rallying our Speed and Spirit to help deliver our iconic footwear, apparel and accessories to our wholesales customers.




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...where all the colors, flavors, sounds and sights of Asia come together. Malaysia offers a myriad of experiences in its diverse cultures, festivals, traditions and customs. And we are just as colorful as the country we work in.

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PUMA Malaysia was incorporated in March 2007 and we officially started business in April 2007. Our office is well-connected to all major cities. Located in Petaling Jaya, one of the biggest districts in Selangor, the office is easily accessible by public transportation.

Malaysia is a federation of 13 states and three federal territories in Southeast Asia. It consists of two regions separated by the South China Sea and is bordered by Brunei, Indonesia, and Thailand. The location is strategic: along the Strait of Malacca and southern South China Sea. Petaling Jaya is quite central in Malaysia, so you can easily explore the surrounding region in day trips. The region has much to offer in terms of cultural exploration. Head on over to Kuala Lumpur with the MRT to experience Malaysian culture mixed with big city vibes or try out the local food at one of the many stalls along the road. There's much to see and experience, especially for anyone interested in sports – particularly water sports. Head out to one of the over hundred islands, particularly those on the eastern coast, and literally take a dive.




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The Retail Action@PUMA program we offer in Singapore and Malaysia, supports our corporate PUMAs in developing a better understanding of how their roles impact the retail business. A total of 4 work missions per year, where our employees can choose between a weekday or weekend in any preferred Full Price Store and Factory Outlet Concept, help them immerse themselves in the world of sales and retail.


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Two of our South East Asian locations have been recognized as best employers in 2022. The majority of our Indonesian and Malaysian PUMA Family confirmed that we offer an unique, meaningful and motivating workplace as an “Employer of Choice”. We are proud of this acknowledgment and will continue to develop and create a working culture which is driven by creativity, diversity and inclusion.

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Best Companies to Work for in Asia

PUMA Singapore and Malaysia were nominated and awarded in two consecutive years by HR Asia as “Best Companies to Work For". This award symbolizes the work culture we practice, retaining internal talent and attracting more talents to join!

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Returning the Favor

As a best employer we always want to give something back to our employees. There are various of HR programs to make sure our culture of Speed and Spirit is felt by everyone.

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Community Engagement

We believe in giving back to the community and we practice that here as part of our spirit of togetherness. Together with local non-profit organizations we help senior citizens, kids and under-privileged families with our various activities.