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Shape PUMA Product Development

Join in on a highly efficient team of product developers to translate ideas into business. PUMA Product Development works with PUMA's various business units and suppliers to breathe life into all our products.


Fast Forward

PUMA Product Developers act as enablers between internal stakeholders and suppliers in creating new products. In this role, we coordinate, communicate and facilitate to commercialize design ideas to reality. We live the essence of Speed and Spirit to get great products to our consumers even faster.

PUMA Product Development employee working on a laptop

Full Speed Ahead

Digitalization and virtualization are rapidly becoming integral within PUMA's product creation processes. PUMA Product Development supports this with 3D prototyping at an early stage to enhance efficiency and shorten time.

Bernd Sauer

What I really like is that I can feel the agility. That's just how PUMA is and that's what makes things exciting.

Bernd Sauer Director Accessories & Technical Devlopment Apparel

All around the World

It's a passion for the PUMA brand, commitment, dedication and our entrepreneurial mindset that bring us together as PUMA Product Development. And this shared energy makes us successful – worldwide.


Holistic Training

To get a full insight into how PUMA's production processes work, we offer on-site factory trainings as well as e-learning tutorials. This helps to enhance a better end-to-end perspective about quality and manufacturing topics.


In Close Contact

In addition to our training, we regularly visit supplier factories to talk face-to-face and gain a better understanding of their perspective.


On Tour

Other elements of our travels include visits to relevant fairs to get the newest insights on what's new on the market.