PUMA Bridge at the Headquarters
Herzogenaurach, January 11, 2024
PUMA’s gender-neutral pay practices certified in Sweden and Middle East, following Germany

Sports company PUMA has closed the adjusted pay gap between men and women in Sweden and the Middle East, an independent certification by FPI Fair Pay Innovation Lab has confirmed.

In Sweden, PUMA was named a “Universal Fair Pay Developer”, which shows an adjusted gender pay gap of between +1 and -1%. PUMA Middle East, which is headquartered in Dubai, received the “Universal Fair Pay Leader” certificate, which shows that in addition to the adjusted gender pay gap of between +1 and -1%, it has also an unadjusted pay gap limited to between +10 and -10%.

Last year, PUMA was already named a “Universal Fair Pay Developer” in Germany, becoming only the second company in the country to receive this certification.

“We are very proud that our efforts to create a gender-neutral remuneration policy were once again recognized by FPI Fair Pay Innovation Lab,” said Dietmar Knoess, Vice President People & Organization at PUMA. “We will not stop here, however, and continue to improve our payment structures to offer equal pay everywhere.”

The adjusted pay gap takes into account pay differences that can be explained on the basis of managerial responsibility, age, job role, employment status, and evaluation.

To achieve equality in compensation, PUMA assesses pay for each position in a gender-neutral manner, focusing solely on job characteristics rather than individual employee traits. This approach enables a standardized and transparent process for wage increases.

FPI Fair Pay Innovation Lab is a German NGO, which helps companies analyse and improve remuneration strategies to ensure fair and equal pay for all employees.

"It is a great pleasure for me to award PUMA Middle East as the first Fair Pay Leader in the Middle East and also PUMA Sweden as Fair Pay Developer. Continuing on this journey, I am sure PUMA is only a few steps away from global certification. And it is a wonderful signal to all other companies," said Henrike von Platen, CEO & Founder FPI Fair Pay Innovation Lab.