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Internal Audit at PUMA is a business partnering function that provides added value to our company. For instance, we conduct internal audits at our PUMA subsidiaries worldwide and provide recommendations in order to improve business processes in terms of efficiency and effectiveness as well as to reduce the risk exposure for PUMA. 

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Our Team

The Internal Audit team is divided into two parts: Internal Audit and Internal Control & Risk Management. Internal Control & Risk Management are managing the internal controls framework while Internal Audit is conducting periodic audit and consulting activities according to the annual audit plan. 

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Driving PUMA Forward

Our goal is to assist the company in achieving its corporate objectives by providing an independent and objective assurance and consulting service to the stakeholders. Our audit recommendations and derived measures are being followed-up regularly, so that significant improvements are achieved over time which brings us step by step to being Forever Faster.


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Get to know us

The team comprises of individuals with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds and is a perfect blend of youth and experience. The team members are motivated to learn new things and are always willing to support the business by providing solutions on issues encountered by them.


Konstantinos Archontoglou

What I always loved about working in Internal Audit is that despite the quite standardized audit process, every audit is different. There are different countries, cultures, systems, processes, business models, functions and much more.

Konstantinos Archontoglou, Senior Head of Internal Audit & iGRC
PUMA Internal Audit

We are looking for travellers

Our team is travelling to various PUMA entities and PUMA Retail Stores all over the world, in addition to audit activities at the PUMA Headquarters in Germany. Preparing for a project means quickly adjusting to local circumstances and engaging in local challenges in order to enhance internal control processes and to help pushing the organization’s performance.


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... and curious team players

Internal Audit entails a high level of teamwork, so the ideal candidate should be a team player with good people skills. Having good analytical and numerical skills is of course important and also being organized and having good project management and presentation skills. However, most of all, it is important to be curious and motivated about getting to the core of an issue.


starting point

Internal Audit is the ideal starting point for a career at PUMA. As an auditor, you have the unique opportunity to learn about PUMA's business models and processes while building a strong network with PUMA colleagues all over the world. Sebastian started his career at PUMA in the Internal Audit team and based on his experience with different departments and teams, he continued his path as Senior Manager License & Marketing Controlling.

Sebastian Schmidt

Sebastian Schmidt

Senior manager license & marketing controlling
Shailesh Umrani

Shailesh Umrani

Senior Manager, Senior Manager, Internal Audit, Risk & Internal Control


Due to global projects, a day in our team can start at the PUMA Headquarters in Herzogenaurach but also in any country worldwide where PUMA is operating. Meeting new persons, sharing ideas and learning from each other is essential for our job. But not only the projects are global, also our team is geographically spread around the globe. Shailesh is based in our office in Canada and responsible for all projects within the region PUMA North America, including Canada.

From scratch

A part of allowing the entrepreneurial spirit of PUMA with its global markets requires innovative use of technology and new applications. While these help PUMA maintain its competitive edge, they can present risks that should be taken into consideration. Therefore, Philip's primary responsibility is to develop the IT audit strategy from scratch of how to look at these processes, determine where they may be a risk or opportunity and then present a recommendation of how to make improvements that make sense to our business.  

Philip Younger

Philip Younger

manager internal audit it


Seo Won Choi
Particularly fascinating in the role of internal auditor is the opportunity to gain a comprehensive overview of the company and to be able to shape the firm sustainably.
Seo Won Choi, Manager Internal Audit
Philip Younger
What I enjoy most is understanding the complete picture – everyone contributes a piece to the puzzle, and it's fascinating to see how the pieces come together.
Philip Younger, Manager Internal Audit IT
Manuel Nacimiento
Here, I can connect my personal interests with career ambitions. Having the chance to work with colleagues from all over the world is what I value most.
Manuel Nacimiento, Manager Internal Audit
Sarah Grabowski
While working on regularly changing topics with the great opportunity to travel to different countries, I can learn a lot more about PUMA's business.
Sarah Grabowski, Manager Internal Audit