Be An Enabler at PUMA IT

Be part of the team that enables processes across all fields of business globally. PUMA IT drives to constantly improve services and solutions for everyone, everywhere.


Make it run

PUMA is driven by Speed and Spirit, and we play an active part in that by constantly improving our solutions across the entire value chain. All this happens in an environment where collaboration and communication easily flow between any internal and external stakeholders in a secure manner.

Our projects – no matter if an operational roll-out or a complex implementation – expose us to various aspects of the organization.


Deep Dive

IT is at the heart of digitalization at PUMA. Our constant drive to support new ideas with innovative solutions helps guarantee PUMA's market competitiveness. A good example is the creation of a new transactional solution. This is based on latest technology and will be the system backbone of PUMA subsidiaries around the globe in the years to come.

At the same time, our focus is on the protection of our operational stability against ever new challenges in scale and security.


Having the possibility to use the latest technologies and drive projects that directly support our company success gives me the feeling of being exactly in the right place.

Adrian Chrobok Senior Project Manager Business Supporting Solutions

International Roster

PUMA IT professionals collaborate across time zones, cultures and ethnicities. Frequent exchanges allow us to make an impact based our expertise - not where we come from.