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Be An Enabler at PUMA IT

Be part of the team that enables processes across all fields of business globally. PUMA IT drives to constantly improve services and solutions for everyone, everywhere.

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Speed & Spirit is the culture of PUMA IT which pushes us forward. We are fast-paced and always on the move to drive digitalization in the industry and keep up with changing technology.

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innovation, speed & spirit

PUMA IT team members are driving their speed to the fastest, innovating the business all around the world.

“We were one of the first companies to implement SAP S/4HANA into Fashion and Retail Industry”, says Sarah Pinapati, Manager IT SAP FI/CO. “We implemented it in 17 countries at the same time.”

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every voice matters

In a discussion about the best solutions for a company, job titles are set aside. It’s all about bringing ideas regardless of level you’re on.

“PUMA is not just talking about having flat hierarchies. This is really the case", says Christoph Kluever, Senior Manager IT Sales Solutions. "Everyone can bring his opinion.”

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deep dive


IT is at the heart of digitalization at PUMA. Our constant drive to support new ideas with innovative solutions helps guarantee PUMA's market competitiveness. A good example is the creation of a new transactional solution. This is based on latest technology and will be the system backbone of PUMA subsidiaries around the globe in the years to come.
At the same time, our focus is on the protection of our operational stability against ever new challenges in scale and security.


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PUMA is driven by Speed and Spirit, and we play an active part in that by constantly improving our solutions across the entire value chain. All this happens in an environment where collaboration and communication easily flow between any internal and external stakeholders in a secure manner.
Our projects – no matter if an operational roll-out or a complex implementation – expose us to various aspects of the organization.



Growth Engine

Growth is the engine behind all of PUMA´s IT operations. As we implement new technology we constantly encounter challenges and make our systems run faster and smoother. That same philosophy applies to professional growth of our IT employees. With support and mentorship an intern can become a teamhead in just a few years. Hard work, curiosity and a passion for the job are key to success at PUMA IT to face any challenge.

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Alignment with business priorities, leverage of new tools and technologies, as well as encouragement of our team members’ development are some of the guiding principles of our IT. We nurture a service-oriented culture in our teams who embrace change, whenever it allows PUMA to become better or make faster decision

Kurt Walther Global Director IT


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Kenny Cabrera Teamhead-IT-System Operations

Kenny Cabrera

PUMA IT is very diverse. Regardless of your nationality, gender or the football team that you support, if you have the skills and the passion for IT, you will fit in comfortably.
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Vicky Mok Manager SAP Global Project

Vicky Mok

Moving from Hong Kong to Germany for PUMA’s SAP global project has boosted my personal and career development. This experience has definitely expanded my horizon. I am learning so much from our business, systems, processes and the diversity of people I interact with on a daily basis. I am taking away new perspectives and ideas that I cannot wait to share and implement on PUMA’s different location.
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ADRIAN CHROBOK Teamhead IT Digital Workplace Solutions


Having the possibility to use the latest technologies and drive projects that directly support our company success gives me the feeling of being exactly in the right place.
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Archana Rao Manager IT SAP Reporting

Archana Rao

PUMA is not just about sports and style. It is a trendy place even for IT professionals like me to delve into the best and latest technologies, in the cool clime of Herzogenaurach but in the midst of warm and inspiring team.