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Great Advice for Customers

Miku Takao, Assistant Store Manager

PUMA Outlet Tosu (as of 2019)

Employee selling

It’s been 3 years since Miku started working at the PUMA Outlet Tosu. Now she is in the position to advise others and has more responsibilities. In her early days at the PUMA store, right after graduating from high school, however, she was worried that she could not make contribution to store sales. She regained her confidence, when her manager and colleagues told her that she should just relax and speak to customers. She has gained product knowledge and a lot of experience since then, and now she greets customers with a smile and gives them great advice.

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Why were you interested in PUMA?

"When I discussed my career with my teacher and friends at high school, I was told that working as a sales associate would fit my character, because I like to speak to people, am active and cheerful. I had some PUMA apparel and I participated in sports club activities, so the idea of working at PUMA felt natural to me and I thought I would enjoy it."


What do you do in your daily work?

"I greet customers at store. I also manage inventories. I am also involved in visual merchandising, based on product features and sales data. It is exciting to try out different ideas to grow store sales."

PUMA employee smiling

Did you change after joining PUMA?

"In the past, I was much more careless in my speech and paid less attention to how my speech could be perceived by others. Now I think carefully before I say something. Also, my time management abilities have improved. I can now work flexibly and efficiently based on priorities."

What would be your message to new joiners?

"We are a young and friendly team with the youngest member being 18 years old. Sometimes we have dinner together after work or travel together. We can grow together as a team, too. Come join us!"