PUMA Junior Manager Riccardo Lunardon


Riccardo Lunardon Senior Product Line Manager Sportstyle Apparel

After studying in India and briefly working in Myanmar, my first contact with PUMA was for an internship within the Global Merchandising Operations team. Although I learned invaluable lessons on the human side in my previous positions, they may sometimes be lacking those best practices that the Fastest Sport Brand in the World can teach you.


PUMA employees in the office

So, I was looking for a company where best practices are shaped by the experience of people from different ethnic backgrounds, and PUMA was just the right place.

Doing my internship in the Global Merchandising team offered the perfect groundwork to develop methodology skills and palpably apply my studies in analytics to turn raw data into useful information.

In fact, beside supporting in day-to-day tasks, the team has always given to me a certain degree of freedom to carry out different medium-term projects and constantly put myself on the line in a fearless and supportive work environment.

I do believe the real value of an organization is in the intangibles.


Under the direction and experience of Thomas Lutz (Senior Teamhead Global Go-To-Market Operations) with whom I’ve built a great human as well as professional relationship, I could rapidly get the most out of my human capital and get ready for my next career step.

In my previous role as Junior Manager Global Go-To-Market / Merchandising Operations X-Divisional I was working on enhancing the merchandising process and developing merchandising tools.

I do believe the real value of an organization is in the intangibles and I’m glad to be part of a company basing its values on social interaction and human capital development.