PUMA CEO Björn Gulden

Sustainability is a key value of PUMA, deeply integrated in our business operations. It guides our company to work faster toward a more just and sustainable future.

Bjørn Gulden CEO

Sustainable Ambitions

At PUMA we are not without ambitions. We have 10 sustainability targets we want to reach by 2025. These are our 10FOR25. With these targets in mind, we aim to get better in environmental, health and safety, and human rights matters within PUMA and our supply chain to start our journey towards a more circular business model.

PUMA 10 Targets for 2025
PUMA production

Human Rights

Embedding human rights and compliance to ILO Core Conventions in all our operations and suppliers. Making a positive impact on communities where PUMA is present.

planet earth


Taking a leading role in Climate Action within our industry and implementing our existing science-based greenhouse gas reduction target.

Plastic bottles


Moving toward a more circular business model.


PUMA First Mile


Ensuring 90% of our products contain more sustainable materials and components.


Supply chain factory


Reducing the discharge of all hazardous chemicals from our supply chain to zero.


Plastic bottles

Plastic and the Ocean

Joining forces on reducing plastic pollution.



Water and Air

Meet industry good practice on waste-water quality and air emissions to 90% at PUMA core suppliers.


PUMA design


Celebrating biodiversity by using certified and traceable materials.

PUMA Vietnam and Singapore

Health and Safety

Reducing injury rates significantly to achieve zero fatal accidents and injury rates below industry average.

PUMA workplace

Fair Income

Mapping and improving wage practices in major sourcing countries.



acting socially responsible

We are one PUMA family and treat each other as such. It is our duty to ensure that PUMA products are manufactured under safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions throughout the supply chain, with workplaces where human rights are respected and workers’ health and safety are protected.


Playing fair

taking care of the ENVIRONMENT

We love doing sports outside. That's only possible in a healthy ecosystem. At PUMA, we are constantly working on improving our environmental impact. We're determined to reduce our carbon emissions, water usage, waste and air pollution in our own offices and, even more importantly, in our supply chain.

Targeting change
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talking to our stakeholders

PUMA's path to a better world is inspired and guided by our stakeholders. These include customers and consumers, direct and indirect employees and their representatives, shareholders, suppliers, regulators, non-governmental organizations, international agencies, foundations, academics, our Sustainability Committee and many others. It is crucial for us to frequently engage with everyone to reflect on our program, get valuable feedback and adjust our course if necessary.

Scoring together

using more sustainable materials 

Feel better and play better with the growing amount of alternatives used in PUMA products. We are constantly striving to use more sustainable key materials such as cotton, polyester, leather and cardboard.


Sporting alternatives
basketball sole

Our Standards


PUMA’s Code of Conduct sets a clear minimum standard for supply chain partners and is displayed in all of PUMA’s directly contracted partner factories.

Feel free to download our Code of Conduct



PUMA is committed to ethical, and responsible individual and corporate behavior. Our Code of Ethics prescribes this commitment, which all of our employees and business partners are required to comply with.

Stefan Seidel
Stefan Seidel
Head of Corporate Sustainability