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 against modern slavery and human trafficking

california Transparency act, AUSTRALIAN and uk modern Slavery Act StatementS

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) estimates that over 40 million people are victims of modern slavery across the world. Modern slavery encompasses: human trafficking, slavery, servitude, forced and bonded labour as well as child labour. Modern slavery can affect anyone, regardless of their origin, age or gender. Poverty, discrimination and poor protection of vulnerable groups are factors that can lead to human slavery.

Our rules are clear: All modern forms of slavery are considered zero tolerance issues for PUMA, and embedding human rights one of our sustainability targets.


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Robert Ashcroft/ PUMA
Employees at work in one of PUMA's factories

Therefore, PUMA engages with business partners who share our commitment to uphold the highest labor standards.

If you want to find out more about the steps PUMA has taken to ensure modern slavery and human trafficking are not taking place in its supply chain or its own business, have a look at our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement or our Sustainability Reports.


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