Ferrari Hockey
Herzogenaurach, 3rd June 2024
PUMA and Scuderia Ferrari HP Unveil Iconic Ice Hockey Jersey for Canadian Grand Prix

Global Sports Company PUMA together with Scuderia Ferrari HP are proud to announce the arrival of the Scuderia Ferrari Ice Hockey Jersey. Blending the worlds of speed, style, and sport, this innovative garment is set to redefine the boundaries of athletic fashion.

Set against the backdrop of the Canadian Grand Prix, this unique release offers a fresh perspective on the iconic Scuderia Ferrari HP brand. With a nod to the fast-paced world of ice hockey, the jersey merges the dynamic energy of motorsport with the rugged spirit of the rink. 

A marriage of tradition and innovation, the Scuderia Ferrari Ice Hockey Jersey features the unmistakable Scuderia Ferrari HP logo, signature colors, and sponsors, all seamlessly integrated into the classic silhouette of a hockey jersey. The result is a garment that transcends boundaries, uniting continents, generations, and sports enthusiasts worldwide.

Designed to capture the essence of both brands, the Scuderia Ferrari Ice Hockey Jersey embodies a spirit of performance, resilience, and unwavering determination. Whether cheering from the stands or hitting the ice, fans can now showcase their love for Ferrari in a whole new arena.

The release of the Scuderia Ferrari Ice Hockey Jersey marks a milestone in the ongoing partnership between PUMA and Scuderia Ferrari HP, exemplifying a commitment to innovation, creativity, and pushing the boundaries of possibility.

The Scuderia Ferrari Ice Hockey Jersey is now available at selected PUMA and Ferrari stores, as well as online on and