Teamhead Peter Dangl


Peter Dangl Head of Product Line Management Sportstyle Apparel

In this world, there are dreamers and there are doers. In Peter Dangl, PUMA has found a rare combination of both. A hard worker with vision and know-how, he is devoted to the PUMA brand. You’ve gotta be a little bit hooked to the cat, he says with a knowing smile.

While studying Business Economics, Sales and Marketing, he worked full and part-time at various retailers and businesses. Willing to work in any sector as long as he could learn something new, he even worked in the warehouses when time allowed.  

Now as Head of Product Line Management, Peter leads a large, diverse group. Product Line Managers, he says transfer market needs into market relevant products. The job of a product line manager is the interface of so many different layers and types of information. You need to be able to process and filter all of it into something concrete. I love it because I’m doing something different every day.

You will only go so far by yourself. You need to go with people if you want to go further - working in a team, hunting in a pack, so to speak

Group Image at PUMA

Of his recent promotion to Team Head Peter says, A shift occurred. I used to be proud of myself for the work I did, a good presentation for example. But now I find myself being super proud of the team, especially when they perform better than I did at the same level. I’m not proud of myself anymore, I’m proud of them.

Peter comes from Austria and vibrantly describes the various ways individual groups solve problems. When recognized, our natural differences are benefits to making the best product, he explains, those differences bring a competitive advantage and enrich the fabric of the whole team.  

If you want to get everyone’s best, Peter says, you have to be open to what their contributions could be. And more importantly you have to understand that they may be different than yours. While Peter admits that there are moments when a person has to pave the way alone, he says, You will only go so far by yourself - You need to go with people if you want to go further - working in a team, hunting in a pack, so to speak.