Global Director Motorsport Thomas Josnik


Thomas Josnik Global Director of Motorsport

Thomas Josnik is passionate about sports and about PUMA. He seems to work at lightning speed, not surprising for the Global Director of Motorsport in a company whose moto is Forever Faster. Overseeing the product creation for all of PUMA’s Motorsport teams including Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW and RedBull, Thomas travels extensively to ensure alignment with all the different players. Periodically he even gets to attend a race, which he admits is a lot of fun.

He has worked in nearly every product category at PUMA and can provide insight into PUMA’s evolution and transformation over the last 18 years. He is in awe of the transformation and it’s what he is most proud of. "How from a smaller scale brand, PUMA has grown so rapidly, it’s really impressive to see, he says. The way we evolved, and now have this brand momentum, work with huge assets and benefits- the canteen, the gym, the brand center -The growth is something we are all proud of and the benefits, we are really grateful for."

It all depends on you. You are the CEO of what you do best.


Thomas started as an intern working on forecasting, planning and operations. When a job in product management for indoor sports appeared he leapt at the opportunity. A hand-ball player at heart, managing indoor sports footwear was a dream job. But as a sports lover in general, he ended up working all over the company—in running, tennis, kids as well the global key accounts. "I was tasked with consolidating the kids business and growing it as a separate entity. It was great fun getting to build something from scratch."

Thomas is your go-to guy when you need advice about how to be successful at PUMA. "It all depends on you," he says, "you are the CEO of what you do best. If you take ownership and drive your portion of the project forward, PUMA is a very good place to be. It’s a young, dynamic environment so individual people can really make an impact. Follow your vision and follow the objectives you’ve set for yourself. Do not wait for somebody else to do it for you."