Meet PUMA in Russia

Moscow is the city of action. Just like our PUMA Moscow teams: Always moving and pushing sport & fashion forward.


Coming Together at PUMA Russia

The history of PUMA Russia began over 15 years ago in Moscow – the heart of Russia. Now, more than 60 retail shops and almost 500 employees later, we have more to come! Our retail business is one we can be truly proud of, as it’s been one that has been expanding with success in the past 10 years. A lot of our success stories prove that. For instance, only in 2017, we’ve opened eight new stores in Russia.

For over five years, our PUMA office has been in a well-known Moscow landmark – Metropolis. It contains everything we need on a daily basis – sporting, dining, entertainment and shopping areas for any category of visitor. Our office covers two floors, with an open space for the teams and a showroom for wholesale clients.

Our open space encourages our friendly and comfortable atmosphere. We love to get together and participate in various sporting activities. Like with our football team, which even wins prizes in the local amateur league.

Ever Growing in Russia

Moscow is a modern city, an international hub for opportunities. There's the old saying, “Moscow never sleeps”. Active rest is necessary while living in such a huge and busy city. It’s full of fitness and yoga centers, pools, football stadiums, and indoor and outdoor running opportunities. You can do sport in any park in the city. Moscow pays great attention to families, a lot of places are child-friendly.


Working at PUMA is a constant challenge for yourself. But these challenges make you feel alive. Our PUMA office is in Moscow - and it is truly the city of the future.

Kirill Kazakov Senior Teamhead Retail Operation


I face new goals, complex tasks and external factors every day and it all makes my day fly by – Forever Faster. Every day, I see what I contribute and how I am a part of how the brand PUMA evolves.

Daria Malakhova Retail Store Manager


Get moving

Moscow is really a city of sport. The whole year round, people are involved in indoor and outdoor sport activities. In summer, every park is full of people jogging, doing cross training or yoga.

Run Right Round

In the past years, running has become a top activity for thousands. The running season starts in April and closes with the Moscow Marathon in September.

Kick It

Russians love football. Even non-professionals love playing the game and there are a lot of amateur league teams in the city. Our own PUMA football team actually won the 2017 amateur league!

Meet the Team

We are what enriches PUMA with Speed and Spirit, each player is an individual talent and a force to be reckoned with when we come together. See what drives us, and how we celebrate when we score. So, what’s your game?



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PUMA Wellbeing at Russia


  • Free fruit
  • Free yoga class


  • Company events
  • Social areas


  • Parental leave policy


  • Employee discount
  • Fitness contribution
  • Lunch contribution
  • Medical insurance 
  • Medical travel insurance