With the Forever Faster transformation, sustainability remains a key value of the PUMA brand. Faster is how we are working towards a more just and sustainable future, accelerating positive change in the industry and the world.

Launched in 2013, the next phase of PUMA’s sustainability journey is to embed sustainability across the business in support of the Forever Faster transformation. 2013 also marked a significant improvement in the alignment of and support towards sustainability priorities shared by PUMA and our majority shareholder Kering.

PUMA has refined its global sustainability strategy that outlines four key impact areas and five operational pillars where we will drive activity to improve PUMA’s impact. The new strategy includes insights from the PUMA Environmental P&L, LCA studies, materiality analysis, and consumer research as well as input from critical stakeholders during the 2013 Talks at Banz. The four Impact Areas are:

  • Social: being equitable with everyone our business touches
  • Environmental: being responsible with nature’s resources
  • Industry: catalyzing industry change towards more sustainable value creation
  • Consumers: engaging our consumers towards more sustainable lifestyles
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