"We needed to change a lot of Things"

Interview with Michael Bennett, Global Director SourceCo.

After 17 years, the top of PUMA’s sustainability management has changed.
Michael Bennett, Global Director of PUMA’s trading services entity SourceCo, has taken on responsibility for our sustainability initiatives, after Dr. Reiner Hengstmann left the company in January 2016. Reiner had headed up our sustainability department since 1999 and implemented most of our current social and environmental standards.




Strategy and Milestones

With our Forever Faster transformation, sustainability remains a key value of the PUMA brand and faster is how we are working towards a more just and sustainable future, accelerating positive change in the industry and the world.





At PUMA, we have measured the environmental impact from our own operations as well as those from key suppliers since 2005. In doing so, we have not only created awareness of our resource consumption, but have also set ambitious targets to reduce our impact on the environment.