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PUMA Fields of Play

What's your game?

Whether you want to train hard or just look good on the street - PUMA offers the right stuff for whatever you do. From sportstyle fashion to performance gear of various sports, you can choose exactly how you want to become Forever Faster.


Athletic Swagger

Anyone as passionate about sports as we are can show it even outside of the gym, field or track. With PUMA’s range of innovative sports-inspired lifestyle products as well as classic silhouettes, we reach out to anyone looking for an authentic style rooted in sports. Our sportstyle designs reflect our rich sporting heritage and attitude, and the message is clear: We’re always Forever Faster.

PUMA and Karl Lagerfeld Collaboration
PUMA Muse Maia

Hip in the Streets

Our numerous collaborations with the world’s most influential cultural and fashion icons makes PUMA one of the hottest sport and fashion brands around.

Kids Wearing PUMA

Run Wild

PUMA frequently engages with popular kids’ brands featuring superheroes or cartoon characters. With refreshing and elevating classic silhouettes, bold colors, comfortable cuts and stylish prints, we combine our understanding for kids’ need for freedom with fashionable style.

PUMA Backpack

It's Time to Gear up

PUMA Accessories

Whether you are looking for style, protection, comfort or functionality, PUMA Accessories has you covered.

PUMA Beanies
PUMA Backpack and Cap

Heritage, Sporty or Performance

Pack it up with PUMA's wide range of backpacks and sportsbags and give your style an edge and attitude with our caps, beanies,and running and training gear.

Lewis Hamilton wearing Hybrid
Model with PUMA Backpack and Sunglasses
Model with PUMA Backpack
Female Model with PUMA Backpack

Elevating PUMA's Portfolio

With PUMA's Licensing portfolio, we put us right out there with a mix of authentic and contemporary products to complement and enhance our presence.

PUMA Sunglasses
PUMA Fragrances
PUMA Workwear
PUMA Glasses
PUMA Safety Boots

Extending Exposure

To extend our PUMA portfolio even further, we share our clear vision with industry specialists and market-leading companies and team up with them to enhance the PUMA brand. The resulting licensed products complement and increment our core business in the following key categories: fragrances and body care, eyewear (optical and sunglasses), workwear and safety boots.