voices of regen

Across our business, we’re taking action for people and planet. We’re never going to stop holding ourselves accountable and finding ways to do more.  We’re showing up for the future of the new generation. A future we want their help to shape. Because we know change can’t be contained to boardrooms and stakeholder meetings. All of us are stakeholders in our future. We’re working with four next-generation thinkers. And giving them a seat at the table. We’re giving the next generation a voice.

Empowering them to make an impact. Three times a year, they’ll meet with our Chief Sourcing Officer and Chief Product Officer, along with our leaders in sustainability to have their opinions, suggestions and criticisms heard. No lip service. No egos. Just upfront and honest discussion. Translated into action. So that together, we can drive real change. Four influential voices. One mission: To create a Forever Better. Together.


“Sustainability can’t be one-sided. You can’t have one brand calling the shots. I’m looking forward to sharing my take on how brands like PUMA can improve. It’s time our generation had a seat at the table.”



“The climate crisis is the most pressing challenge of our generation. How we act will determine the future of our planet.”



“We know that one person can’t make a difference alone, but our voices are still powerful when combined and communicated with the right people and the right brands, like PUMA. This is very exciting because I can feel the change.”


voicesofregen andrew
voices of regen andrew

“I think brands for too long have just been trying to sell us a product without really listening to what we have to say.”

Based in the US, Andrew is dedicated to upcycling materials into trendsetting new outfits. His innovative creations are inspiring a new generation to move away from fast fashion and explore how they can reuse and repurpose pre-loved clothes. Ultimately, he aims to transform the way people consume fashion, and help create a more sustainable world.

voices of regen luke
voices of regen

“We are making a change, there is a change, things are changing, things are happening, good things are happening. We all should have hope and put this hope into action.”

Luke is a popular vlogger based in Germany. His passion for sustainability has landed him a follower count that runs into the hundreds of thousands. From healthy eating to travel and working out, his lifestyle content puts a special emphasis on how to live a more healthy, environmentally responsible life.

voices of regen jade
voices of regen jade

“What inspires me is to see such a big company, PUMA, with such an influence in the world, be held accountable by the younger generation.”

Jade is a France-based visual artist known for her powerful use of video and photography that documents the spontaneity and sometimes absurdity of modern life in detail. She also works as a creative consultant, helping brands improve how they communicate important issues like the environment and corporate responsibility.

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As part of PUMA's promise to create a Forever Better, we brought 13 next-generation trailblazers together with over 40 global sustainability and fashion experts, NGOs, influencers, activists, competitors, partners and retailers.

To discuss the change they want to see.

To inspire us with their actions.

And to hold us accountable.