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herzogenaurach, germany - april 23, 2019

PUMA aims for 90% share of more sustainable materials by 2020

Company’s sustainability strategy is to focus on creating a substantial positive impact

Sports company PUMA has sharply increased its targets for more sustainable materials such as cotton and polyester after it reached its previous target two years ahead of schedule.

“We are proud that we have reached our targets for more sustainable materials two years earlier than planned. We still have room for improvement, which is why, we have taken steps with our suppliers to sharply increase the amount of more sustainable materials in our products going forward,” said Stefan Seidel, Head of Corporate Sustainability at PUMA.

Following a previous target of 50%, PUMA now aims for 90% of all cotton and polyester used in its products to come from more sustainable sources by 2020, part of the company’s strategy not to focus on individual collections, but to create a substantial positive environmental impact throughout its product range.

“By focusing on PUMA’s entire range, we can make a much larger positive impact and save a considerable amount of natural resources,” Seidel added.

At the end of 2018, 50 % of all cotton and 66 % of all polyester used in PUMA apparel came from more sustainable sources. Such sources include bluesign certified polyester, a production standard which eliminates harmful chemicals from the production process and promotes resource efficiency, and cotton from the Better Cotton Initiative, an organisation seeking to improve the environmental, social and economic impact of cotton production.

In 2018, PUMA also reached its target of sourcing 90 % of its leather and paper/cardboard from more sustainable sources two years ahead of schedule, using FSC certified paper and cardboard as well as leather from tanneries with a medal rating of the Leather Working Group.

Through its 10FOR20 targets set in 2015, PUMA aims to improve its sustainability performance in ten areas including the environment and the wellbeing of workers in the factories of its suppliers. At the end of 2018, PUMA was on track with eight of the ten targets it had set.

For more information on PUMA’s sustainability performance, you may consult the company’s latest annual report, which is available on https://annual-report-2018.puma.com


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