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herzogenaurach, germany - march 13, 2019

PUMA's sustainable cotton saves 15.5 million bath tubs of water in 2018

Sports company PUMA in 2018 increased its use of cotton from sustainable sources to 50%, sharply reducing water consumption and reaching a target set for 2020 two years earlier than expected. 


By using sustainable cotton, such as cotton from the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), PUMA is estimated to have reduced its water consumption by some 3.1 million m³, enough to fill 15.5 million bath tubs.

“In 2018, PUMA procured some 10,000 tonnes of sustainable cotton, which uses less water during the production process. The related water savings could fill 15.5 million bathtubs or the Serpentine Lake in London’s Hyde park 8 times,” said Stefan Seidel, Head of Corporate Sustainability at PUMA.

In 2015, PUMA set out several sustainability goals, including a target to buy 50% of all cotton from sustainable sources. While some 19% of cotton came from sustainable sources in 2016, PUMA reached the 50% target only two years later in 2018. PUMA will set a new 2020 target for sustainable cotton in the near future. 

PUMA’s 10FOR20 targets seek to address several environmental and social issues in its supply chain and make the whole company more sustainable.

The Better Cotton Initiative is an organisation seeking to improve the environmental, social and economic impact of cotton production. As such, BCI and its partners reach out to farmers in key cotton-producing countries to promote decent working conditions and minimise the use of harmful crop protection practices, which will in turn enhance biodiversity and responsible land use. For more information go to PUMA Sustainability .

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Picture Credits: Better Cotton Initiative, Conné/ PUMA (Cover Picture)


Robert Bartunek
Robert-Jan Bartunek
Senior Manager Corporate Communications

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