PUMA Bridge at the Headquarters

Herzogenaurach, Germany, May 13, 2016



Today, an official groundbreaking event marked the beginning of construction works for the expansion of PUMA’s headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany. A pedestrian bridge across the Hans-Ort-Ring will connect the sports brand’s new offices to the existing headquarters at PUMA WAY 1. After its completion in Spring 2018, the new administrative building will provide space for up to 550 employees. PUMA will give up its current second location in Würzburger Straße in the mid-term. PUMA CEO Bjørn Gulden welcomed guests of honor Dr. Markus Söder, Bavarian State Minister of Finance, Regional Development and Home Affairs, FIFA world players of the year Nadine Keßler and Lothar Matthäus as well as around 80 guests from the worlds of politics, economy and administration.

The new administrative building, which will be about 123 meters long and 22 meters high and will contain 14.000 square meters of office space, will be erected across from the existing PUMAVision Headquarters in Herzogenrauch, at the road Zum Flughafen. An 85-meter-long bridge made of 173 tons of steel will serve both as a new landmark and connecting element between the existing headquarters and the new building. A pylon, measuring 37 meters in height, will stabilize the bridge at the PUMAVision Headquarters. Nuremberg-based firm Klaus Krex created the architectural design and dealt with the respective building application. Mainly local companies are involved in the construction process.

Bjørn Gulden, CEO PUMA SE, said: “The construction of our new administrative building is a further clear commitment to our roots in Herzogenaurach. With modern office spaces and an extension of our sports offering, we will be able to provide attractive working conditions to our employees, while fostering our dynamic corporate culture as a sports brand and underlining our role as one of the leading employers in the region. By relocating our offices from Würzburger Straße and merging our work force in Herzogenaurach, we are not only ensuring short distances for faster decisions at our German location, but are also providing a true gateway to the city with the bridge.”

Bavarian State Minister Dr. Markus Söder said: “PUMA is a global Sports Brand. The company stands for innovation and passion. Thanks to this, Herzogenaurach has become a center for sporting goods known across the world. PUMA has always underlined its commitment to its Mid-Franconian hometown and is one of the most important employers in the region. By expanding its headquarters and making investments in the region, PUMA once again proves its close links with Herzogenaurach and the region of Middle Franconia.”

Lothar Matthäus, a long-time PUMA partner who holds the record for the most games played as part of the German national team, said at the groundbreaking event in his hometown Herzogenaurach: “It’s a great honour for me to be involved in the groundbreaking ceremony today. My career is closely connected to PUMA and I am happy the company is staying true to my Franconian home of Herzogenaurach. I think that the designs for the offices and the ‘PUMA Bridge’ look good and I’m already excited to see what the wild cat’s new home will look like once construction has been completed.”

The new six-story building complex, which will be built using around 1.400 tons of steel and roughly 9.500 cubic meters of concrete, will include light-flooded open-plan offices with a floor-to-ceiling window front and will be able to be custom arranged for projects and work groups through mobile, noise insulating furnishing elements. Apart from this flexibility, several sports offers will underline PUMA’s guiding principles with the mission of being the fastest sports brand in the world. Not only a gym of roughly 500 square meters will be available for PUMA’s employees, but also a large exterior area with a volleyball and basketball court as well as an additional multifunctional area of 500 square meters.

The new building will meet the same high environmental standards as the adjacent PUMAVision Headquarters. A modern concrete core temperature control will ensure sustainable heating and cooling in conjunction with air-water heat pumps, while the majority of rinsing water will be provided through a cistern containing 300 cubic meters of rainwater. Herzo Werke will manage the supply of district heating. Moreover, PUMA intends to provide charging stations for electric vehicles at the site.

Photo Credits: Conné/ PUMA

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