April 13, 2005


Love, Passion and Football: A Legend Teams Up with PUMA

Berlin, Germany, April 13, 2005 – Today, PUMA® announces a new partnership with football legend Pelé as the brand unveils its new Spring 2006 football product range to buyers and trade. As a former PUMA sponsored athlete, Pelé’s love for the game and his record-breaking career became part of PUMA’s history.

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has joined Pelé and PUMA Chairman and CEO, Jochen Zeitz, at 14:45 CET for a brief statement and photo opportunity to celebrate the German sportswear brand’s renewed partnership with the famed football legend.

“Love, passion and football are the three words that come to mind when thinking about Pele,” said Jochen Zeitz, PUMA Chairman and CEO. “We are inspired by Pelé’s presence and we are excited to be working with this remarkable football legend once again.”

While the eyes of the world focus on Germany as the host nation of the 2006 football world championships, this partnership is especially poignant for PUMA. This brand initiative will position Pelé as the brand’s football ambassador while PUMA’s active players promote the brand’s technical football range on the pitch.

“I am very pleased to be working with PUMA once again,” said Pelé. “Over the years PUMA has been my brand and it is great to reunite with them so we can create some excitement for the football fans leading into 2006.”