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herzogenaurach, germany, june 02, 2021

Sugarcane and recycled materials: PUMA creates more sustainable footwear styles

Sports company PUMA has created a new midsole which is made with sugarcane and the company will also introduce new footwear styles this spring, which are made with recycled materials, as part of its plan to make its entire product range more sustainable. 

PUMA Sutainable Footwear

Better Foam, which will be used in footwear products starting this summer, contains at least 35% bio-based materials which are derived from sugar cane. Sugar cane absorbs carbon as it grows and the parts of the plant which are not destined for food production are blended into traditional foam cushioning to make Better Foam. 

The first sneaker to feature Better Foam will be the Emerge, a stylish training shoe which will be sold starting July 1.

In addition, PUMA has launched two new sneaker styles, the Caven and the Jada, which are made with at least 20% recycled materials in the upper and the laces. The Caven is inspired by 80s basketball shoes, while the Jada has its roots in classic tennis shoes.

Earlier this year, PUMA announced that by 2025, nine out of ten PUMA products will be made of more sustainable materials, as the sports company aims to make a positive environmental impact across its product range.

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