LQD CELL Shatter XT Shift

herzogenaurach, germany - septemer 26, 2019

LQD CELL Shatter xt shift

LQD CELL Shatter XT Shift is for the active girl who shatters stereotypes and shows up loud. This provocative trainer raises the volume with 90’s rave inspiration: vivid colors that shift the spectrum of hues, highlighted with shine. With LQD CELL stable cushioning technology and energetic design, refuse to stay quiet. 

LQD CELL Shatter XT Shift - Adriana Lima

CUSHIONING: An evolution of CELL technology, LQD CELL midsole offers stable cushioning. 
ENERGY: PROFOAM offers immediate cushioning and energy return in a lightweight package. 
SUPPORT: Internal heel counter provides additional heel support for training movements. 


Alberto Turincio Smith
Global Senior PR Manager, Sportstyle and Training

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