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The Drive Behind the Success

Innovation goes beyond everyday business, it is what is done to take PUMA to different levels, to become Forever Faster. What we do challenges and provokes response. PUMA is where the things you think about become real. PUMA Innovation truly plays a role in shaping one of the great brands of the world.

Ask yourself how you can deliver an experience through how something functions. And when you find an answer, also ask if that function creates emotion. That's what we do as we explore the world to find new things, develop something fresh, collaborate with other experts and seek things that are inspiring. And when we're back in the office, we realize those ideas, together, making things the best they can be.

PUMA Athletes

Athletes Rule

To be there when the next moment is made, we connect with athletes. Meet them, observe them, talk, listen and learn. This is how PUMA solves real athlete problems and delivers to their unmet needs.

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Push Limits

To reinvent the game, you have to dare to bend the rules. Be a rebel, challenge conventions, and create new standards by thinking outside every single box. The next great moment in sport is assured.

PUMA innovation

Visualize the Future

What’s next? Trust your gut, be rigorous with research. Sketch. Prototype. Build. It’s not fortune telling, we’re shaping the future. That includes being brave enough to take risks.


Explore Extremes

The best ideas pop up when you least expect them. To become a part of something inspiring, we look beyond our normal scope, try what has never been tried and are always curious for new experiences.

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Smash Barriers

PUMA is always ready to evolve, knowing that great things can get even greater. We don’t stop. We don’t settle. Our technologies are scalable and grow with our ideas.


In March 2023, the first PUMA NITRO LAB opened near Frankfurt, Germany. It is a high-performance athlete testing facility developed in partnership with Hartmann Orthopedics & Sports, leaders in performance optimization for athletes for more than 20 years.

The PUMA NITRO™ LAB provides athletes with detailed full-body insights through a series of tests and scans, including 4D Motion analysis. The results enable PUMA and Hartmann to develop bespoke and customized solutions for each athlete, so they can perform at their best.

PUMA’s roster of elite athletes will be regular visitors to the NITRO™ LAB for performance testing and analysis.

PUMA's and Playseat's Gaming Seat

turning gaming into an active experience

At PUMA, we started to see gamers as athletes that have requirements particular to their sport. Our approach in gaming is the same approach that we use for athletes in sports. We try to understand what their needs are and then we shape products that deliver to those needs. 

That's why we, together with gaming gear company PLAYSEAT, developed revolutionary seating for active gamers. Available in November 2019, here's how we developed the PLAYSEAT I PUMA game seat.

computer shoe

Hot on Technology Heels

RS Computer Shoe

In Dr. Cavanagh, Armin Dassler found a friend with the same drive to create the best running shoes. When running was still called jogging in the mid-80s, Cavanagh was the man to go to about shoes. Runner’s World magazine regularly dedicated an issue that ranked typically 1000 shoes, relying on the professor’s assessment of the footwear. His work resulted in The Running Shoe Book, a comprehensive view on the dynamics of runners and the equipment they use. It was during his research that he met PUMA CEO Armin Dassler. And the rest is history.

What was it like, being a driving factor behind an innovative product like the RS Computer Shoe? Dr. Cavanagh retells how it came to life.

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