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Culture of Firsts

FOREVER FASTER is always first, never second, never third.

We strive to always bring new, better, different – meaningful innovation for game changing athletes.


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"Has anyone done it before? Is it a first?" That's the principle that guides Innovation at PUMA. Constantly being the first to do something has always been motivating us. 

Since our beginnings, we've delivered performance innovations to make athletes elite by thinking outside of the box. The Brush Spike, designed in 1968, featured Velcro™ for the first time on performance footwear. But it was the brush spikes themselves that really pushed the limits. The tiny rows of spikes maximized traction and minimized resistance. The innovation worked so well that world records were broken at the 1968 Olympic Trials. The competition fought and succeeded in banning the shoes and thus the records.

Of course, that didn't stop us from innovating to meet our athletes' needs. In sports in particular, the second principle that guides PUMA Innovation is that of Adaptive Dynamics

It's the pursuit of creating products that adapt with the human body and with the environment the human body is in in the fields of thermoregulation, movement or fit. PUMA's self-lacing Fit Intelligence Training Shoe responds to athletes and their environment by adapting to the wearer's needs. The shoe automatically adapts to the foot and knows how loose or tight it can lace. The only thing the wearer has to do is swiping up or down on the shoe. 

How does Fit Intelligence work?

Fit Intelligence

PUMA For Moment Making Athletes

We’re the first to pioneer the next idea, concept, technology, material, color or experience to life and into the market. This is the legacy we aspire to uphold. With five ethos, we make innovating Forever Faster.

Be a Pain

At PUMA Innovation we have five ethos that drive us. Be a Pain is one. We are set on challenging convention to create new standards. Which is exactly what we did with the EvoPower football boot.

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Be Connected

To be there for the next moment, when the next record is broken, we connect with athletes. Meet, observe, talk, listen and learn. This is how PUMA solves athlete problems and delivers to unmet needs.


Be Brave

An idea itself is not enough. Ideas should be things you can touch and test. More show, less tell. When it’s something new, we are confident and take risks. Think next, not now.

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Be Open

The best ideas are least expected. We try the untried, always curious for new experiences. When we look beyond our scope, we become part of something inspiring; always keeping a human centered focus.

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Be Ready

It’s not about creation for creation sake. It’s about creating opportunities for PUMA and creating with a final product in mind. We anticipate the next move – and act.

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PUMA RS Computer Shoe and Fit Intelligence Training Shoe

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Then and Now

When it comes to computers and shoes, we started with the basics back in 1984. The PUMA Running Studio was the place where computer technology was used to create better running shoes and better runners. The result was the revolutionary RS Computer Shoe, the first shoe to include computer technology desigend to track running performance. Today, we are still experimenting with digital technology and how it can help athletes perform.

Innovation milestones

PUMA's Innovation Team at work

Innovating Emotions

We innovate for athletes and consumers to unleash their full potential, to deliver experiences found in the remarkable, to give you the tools to match your need to be Forever Faster and enjoy every moment on your way. Not to create for the sake of creating, but with the purpose to take sport to a different level and to keep moving forward, grounded by science.

Go Behind the Scenes
Romain Girard

We elevate our athletes performance and the business by connecting the dots of Research, Performance engineering and Emotion.

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Hustle Hard. Train Harder.

Can you innovate training? We did. PUMATRAC changes how people experience training and getting fit. It introduces the social factor by connecting like-minded people, giving a unique and fun spin to getting fit.

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