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Developing AN Agile working culture

We believe that an agile mindset combined with agile methodologies is the key to us becoming better versions of ourselves in pursuit of our Forever Faster mission. After embedding agile tools like Design Thinking and Scrum into our general training landscape, it became clear that agility is already one of our operating strengths. We simply weren't calling it 'agile' yet. At PUMA we like to pave our own way, so we've adapted various agile strategies to create a work culture of endless possibility--so versatile, so fast, so agile. 

In your own words Agile Management PUMA

By educating our employees with agile tools and implementing agile methodology, we changed the way we work together as a company: In any project, we put our customer, their needs and wishes at the heart of everything. We build projects around motivated and skilled people in a cross-functional manner. We place competence over status and simplicity over complication, providing full transparency about the project and its' status to every team member. 

Most importantly, we deliver results frequently, gather feedback and iterate in order to achieve our mission of being the fastest sports brand in the world. Tune in to find out more about being agile at PUMA.


Brianna Burgos M09
BRIANNA BURGOS Senior Manager, People Development & Organizational Learning

Brianna Burgos

"If it doesn’t defy the laws of physics, it’s possible! I like to use this quote when working with teams to create real solutions, not quick fixes. An agile mindset is necessary now more than ever. We have a new “normal” and must learn how to exist within it. Using the Agile mindset to find new ways to socialize, work, and live has been incredibly beneficial in managing quarantine."
Alex Day


"For me, agile is really about improving efficiency and effectiveness. Providing simple and tangible techniques centered around clear communication, feedback and reflection, it has totally reshaped my way of thinking when it comes to approaching and facilitating collaborative projects, as well as my own personal work."
Rainer Erras

Rainer Erras

"This new way of executing a project helps to be more efficient and we are able to react on changing requirements without losing time. It is necessary to adjust the way we are executing projects because the world is changing faster, and requirements are getting more and more complex."
Myrte M09

Myrte Merdinyan

“To me ‘agile’ means a different way of looking at the challenges we face in this fast-changing world, keeping it simple and transparent, being resilient, solution-orientated and not afraid to start over if things don’t work."
Patrick Eglmaier
Patrick Eglmaier Manager People Development & Organizational Learning

Patrick Eglmaier

"Agile is more than a Kanban Board, Scrum or Design Thinking. Through it, we live the principles of adaptivity and simplicity in everything we do. As Agile Coach at PUMA, my mission is to create awareness for agile concepts and to equip our employees with everything they need to live the agile mindset."
Motorsport Agile


Design Thinking helped us to switch perspectives, to step into the shoes of our customers and to grasp the bigger picture of our business collectively as a team. Starting from there, we thought, ”how might we improve the way we are working with our external licensed partners to make our design process smoother, our designs more relevant and better aligned with our partner’s expectations?”

With the help of Scrum and Kanban, we have integrated a new external design approval process into our overall go-to-market calendar. The calendar is now segmented into several sprints. This allows more regular touch points with our external partners than before. After each sprint, we first present prototypes of the collection designs or concepts to our partners, gather feedback, and align together on updates so that we can kick off the next sprint in a customer-centric way. We repeat this process bit by bit, until 100% of the designs are finalized. This way, we ensure the end-result is relevant and matches our customer´s expectations 100%. We save time, are more productive and reduce risks in the process.

Sportstyle Agile

SCrUM Applied by the Business Unit Sportstyle 

By adapting the Scrum framework to fit our needs and requirements, PUMA’s Sportstyle Business Unit has also adopted agile working methods. With a focus on transparency, inspection and adaptation, self-organized project teams use Scrum in various ways to deliver results. For instance, Sprint Planning- and Retrospective Meetings boost the connection between Product Line Managers and Designers through the Product Creation Process. Daily meetings foster a better overview of ongoing projects by tracking progress and status. In these meetings, designers provide transparency about their projects and workload. By doing so, missed tasks are spotted, approaching deadlines are discussed and delays are avoided. Using the agile principles has optimized our processes, reduced the need to email, increased our efficiency, and allowed us to work more closely as a team.

Agile Kanban

Flexibility is key in controlling

Like a great athlete, Agile project management helps us to be fast and flexible. These strategies allow us to adjust to changes and new requirements in real time. In this fast-moving environment of BI Reporting, it is especially important to stay flexible and focused. There is great risk of being caught off-guard and subsequently overwhelmed by change and innovation. Saving resources helps avoid parallel workstreams or subprojects and means we can do more than before and in less time. Agile methodology helps us to run entire projects with less people in a more sequential manner. Instead of a tedious back and forth that tends to postpone projects, a loose outline allows us to begin with speed and create usable results immediately.


Driving agile in Argentina

PUMA Argentina made the move to apply the Agile mindset to project development. Mariana Spector, Head of Sales, sees the agile mindset as a chance for teams to use past mistakes as part of their ongoing creative process. With agile it's become a normal part of the process. This shift in thinking encourages team members to be more experimental and less fearful.

“The synergy of forming multidisciplinary teams with different perspectives has enriched the way we arrive at disruptive and creative ideas. Each team member is now motivated to throw themselves fully into the project. The result so far is excellent.” said Mariana.

Between 2019 and 2020 the agile mindset influenced many aspects of PUMA Argentina’s work process. Innovative improvements were applied to the digital appearance, the Go-To-Market process and to employee diversity. The improvements evolved through the use of Design Thinking techniques and platforms like the Mural tool. These agile tools didn’t just enhance existing team processes, they also led the way to various other projects and ideas.

The agile mindset is making PUMA Argentina more efficient and driving the joint spirit of co-creation and creativity.