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Application Tips

Living the PUMA Spirit

At PUMA, we go fast, but as PUMA founder Rudolf Dassler once said, speed is nothing if we leave our PUMA spirit behind. That same Speed and Spirit is what drives us today, and it’s what we look for in candidates who will help us push sport and fashion forward.

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Self-driven and passionate performers with a knack for out-of-the box thinking tend to do well here. But most of all, you need to be a team player.

We attract the best talent from all across the globe and as a result, having over 60 nationalities represented in our headquarters is completely normal. Just as we consider it only natural to drive one of the strongest talent development programs around. So, if you want to accelerate your career in a dynamic and empowering work environment, show us your Speed and Spirit, and blow us all away. 

Teamwork at PUMA


Applying for a job at PUMA is easy and saves you paper. Just head over to our career page Careers @PUMA and apply online: Simply open your preferred job posting, click APPLY ONLINE and follow the steps to complete your profile and upload your resume. And remember, we are an international company, so English is our corporate language.

If you can't find the right vacancy at today – no problem. We update our job posts every day. Just keep an eye out and check in regularly or follow us on LinkedIn.

Interview Pointers

So, you decided to apply to PUMA. That’s great! Here's a little heads-up on how to win us over:

When it comes to impressing us, we’re not a difficult bunch. We are demanding, though. Most successful candidates set themselves apart by showcasing their enthusiasm, motivation and skillset with a clear perspective on their potential impact on PUMA. To help you out, here are some questions to think about before the interview: 

  • Why you? Convince us that you are the best fit for the position.
  • What makes you unique?
  • Tell us how and which of your qualities make you shine.
  • Why PUMA? What makes us the best employer for you?
  • What do you think it takes to succeed at PUMA? What sets you apart from the pack?

Finally, when you are invited to meet us, just remember that at PUMA, we wear our love for the brand literally on our sleeves and every day is casual Friday – so relax, and leave your business outfit at home.

As we said: simple, but also highly motivating. Now you know a little more about us. We look forward to learning more about you.


Interview Tips

Living the PUMA Life

While waiting for our reply, you can check out what working at PUMA is like. Also follow PUMA Group on social media and find out. Together with the most recent news of PUMA as an employer, you can read up on real life experiences of current PUMA employees. It's also filled with useful information about our recruiting events and job postings. Click on through to find out more about our Forever Faster family.

Announcing Your Position

What's the use of simply being fast, if there's no PUMA spirit to back it up?

Our founder, Rudolf Dassler, once emphasized the importance of bringing Speed and Spirit together. And this is what we look for in our candidates. It's also this Speed and Spirit that provides the framework for the values that guide our daily work at PUMA. Our values encourage us to BE DRIVEN in our performance, BE VIBRANT in our sporting legacy, BE TOGETHER in our team spirit, and to BE YOU to always bring our individual talents and experiences to the table.

Everything we do, we do with Speed and Spirit. This counts for our recruitment process as well. Yet, it can get busy at times, you know – pushing sport and fashion forward – so please be patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

I didn't get any feedback yet. What do I do?

Sometimes driving the business keeps us very busy. We apologize for any delays in our application feedback – we always try to get back to you as soon as possible. If you would like to check on the status of your application, please log in to your Candidate Portal/Candidate Home account by clicking here.

Can I apply without a suitable vacancy?

Please apply for posted vacancies only. If you can't find a fitting open position immediately, we invite you to visit our page where we update our job postings every day. Alternatively, you can follow us on social media, where we keep you posted on our vacancies.


What's the PUMA application process?

Our aim is a speedy decision on both sides: Your application is screened by our business and / or People & Organization department. After selecting a first shortlist of candidates, we are happy to invite you for a telephone call, video interview or personal interview. We might also include an assessment or ask for work samples, depending upon the job requirements.

How do I rescind my application?

Please return to our application system and sign in on your individual account. There, you'll find a button labeled “Candidate Withdraw”. Clicking it will rescind your chosen application.


What if I am not selected as a candidate for the position I have applied for?

Due to the high number of applications coming in, we sadly cannot provide individualized feedback for all applicants all the time in the first round

Which documents do you need?

Please provide us with the following:

  • Resume - preferably in PDF or Word format
  • References
  • Motivation letter (in countries where applicable)

Some functions may require additional documents such as portfolios, so feel free to attach those as well.

How do I alter my documents?

After submitting your application, you cannot add further changes. Please make sure that you check all your documents thoroughly before submitting them.

Can I apply for more positions?

Yes, we encourage that you apply to any position where your skills and background are a match.

What's the interview dress code?

Even during our interviews, we're casual. There's no need to dress up all fancy. Just keep in mind that we love our PUMA brand.

Can I apply internationally?

Yes, we always encourage international talent to apply abroad. Please keep in mind that different countries may have different visa and residency restrictions. 

Is there a deadline for applications?

As long as our job postings are online on our career page, you're free to apply. We do not accept any further applications for the respective posting once the posting has been removed.

Which language should I use to apply?

Please use English – we are an international company, after all. In case you are unsure, you may also use the language of the job posting.