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Interns and Students

Change the game as PUMA Intern or working student

It isn't just about working experience. It's about making a lasting impression – from day one. PUMA is Forever Faster and we know you are too. So if you are enrolled as a university student, get ahead and start as an intern or working student at PUMA. Make your thoughts be heard. Are you ready? Get your game on with PUMA.

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What's the deal?

At PUMA we want your drive and vibrancy, your sense of community – simply said: you.

Whether you start out as intern or as a working student, PUMA's international and agile environment brings the world together in our global offices.

Find what function suits you best and become part of our movement to push sports and fashion forward all around the world. Or meet us on our turf right in Herzogenaurach, where most of our interns are.


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Be Driven

Get involved and add your own spin to things. PUMA is where you have the chance to be proactive, and make yourself and your ideas heard. Like in your own project right during the early stages in your position.
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Rock That Swagger

Step up and own up your tasks and projects. As your responsibilities grow, you'll be presenting your results in front of others. So, rock that confidence and become Forever Faster in finding solutions.
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World Wide You

The world is at home at PUMA. With employees from more than 60 nations, we celebrate individuality and come together to share our experiences. And as international company, English is our corporate language.
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Social Gains

Welcome Day

So, who's the new kid? Get to know all other new joiners and get all the needed pointers for a successful start.

Working @Puma

PUMA is unique, international and dynamic. Celebrate that with us! Connect with other interns and students, but also with PUMA as a whole. 

Buddy Program

There's a lot to take in at PUMA. Luckily, you get a contact person to answer questions and ask for advice.

HR Got Your Back

You have our full support – PUMA's designated HR contact person is there when you need them.


We're all work and we're all play too. Join in on company events such as bowling, intern lunches, and much much more.

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Additional Benefits

  • Flexible Working Hours
  • German Minimum Wage
  • Employee Discounts
  • Apply anytime, start throughout the entire year

Like what you see? Then take the chance to stay Forever Faster at PUMA after your internship or studies.

PUMA employee

From Intern to Junior Manager

Riccardo Lunardon (Junior Manager Global Go-To-Market / Merchandising Operations X-Divisional) started out as intern in PUMA's Global Merchandising Operations team, looking for a company that places its faith in its employees. Suffice to say, he stayed.

Meet Riccardo

Frequently asked questions

Still have some unanswered questions? Check out our FAQs:

How does the application process run?
  • Apply via our career homepage.
  • Impress us in the interview (skype or personal depending on your location).
  • Accept our offer!
What documents do you need?

Please include your CV, a cover letter and your certificate of enrollment. If you have anything else to convince us, like reference letters or anything similar, feel free to add them too!

How many open positions do you have?

Worldwide, you have access to 250 internship positions at PUMA. Around 130 are offered only in our Herzo headquarters.

How long is the internship?

Usually, PUMA internships last for six months. That way, you can truly become a part of your team and add your energy.

Do I need good English skills?

PUMA is active on a global scale and therefore, our company language is English. You'll be needing good English skills a daily basis, making them a requirement.

What does PUMA pay attention to?

We're on the lookout for talents who express their Speed and Spirit in their chosen position. Express your energy, show your drive and prove that you, in all your individuality, are a perfect fit for PUMA. On the topic of individuality, never forget, just be you! Nothing convinces us more than getting to truly know you and your motivation.

Do I get VISA support?

You can count on us! As soon as it's sure that you'll be joining us, we help you make sure that you have all the papers you need for a successful start at PUMA.

What's the PUMA dress code?

Individuality! We want you to feel comfortable, so for us, every day is Casual Friday. Even during interviews, you can drop the formal dress and wear something casual. One thing we can say for sure: We're always true to PUMA.

How do I get to Herzogenaurach?

Without a car, the best way to our headquarters is by one of two bus lines from Erlangen. Or you can catch a lift with one of our employees offering on our App, where people with a car let you know if they are open to take someone along!

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