PUMA employees in a meeting

Tobias Uschalt joined PUMA as an intern and has become a Teamhead at the company’s IT Product Operations department, which develops new IT solutions for Product Line Managers, developers and designers around the globe.

PUMA Employees In A Meeting

What makes working at PUMA’s IT team so exciting? 

I think working with your colleagues within the IT team is almost like working with friends. Everybody supports you in accomplishing your tasks and solving challenges as well as they can. Additionally, it’s exciting that PUMA IT tries to implement new technologies like 3D product creation or cloud technology as fast as possible, which means you often encounter new things.

PUMA employee working

Tell us about your journey at PUMA?

After my internship, PUMA offered me a permanent position and after only 2 years was assigned to lead my first team (Network & Security). In 2017, I decided to take another opportunity to further develop my skills and extend my knowledge outside of IT Infrastructure topics. PUMA gave me the possibility to move to the IT Product Operations Team and today I'm its Teamhead.

PUMA employees in a meeting

How does your job bring you in contact with all the teams at PUMA? 

My team is responsible for driving the product engine from an IT perspective. This means that we work with our global product development departments located in Hong Kong, Vietnam, the United States and Germany who create our products. Additionally, we are in close contact with the Business Solutions department that is permanently creating new ideas to improve our systems and services. Hence, we run our applications on-site as well as in the cloud. I also get to work in those areas which give me the possibility to experience the newest technologies.

PUMA employees in a meeting

What’s the project you’re most proud of?

I was in two departments, so I would like to mention two projects. Within the Infrastructure department my team was responsible for setting up the whole infrastructure of several new offices around the world. The setup in Vietnam was very special, with several technical issues and a lot of time pressure. In the end, it felt very fulfilling solving all the issues and enabling people.  

Within the department I am currently working, my team is responsible for improving the performance of an important application which helps users work much more efficiently. 

PUMA employees talking

What was your biggest challenge so far?

To be honest, there has never been such thing as "the biggest challenge", but I have to say almost everyday there is a new challenge encountered. With time, I have learned that staying relaxed and having a solution-oriented mindset is crucial to handling challenges successfully.

What have you learned from your experience at PUMA?

The key is to continue to work hard and bring in new ideas. I have also learned that within PUMA you can rely on your managers to gain both knowledge and experience as they are always ready to support. This has been a tremendous help in my personal development.

PUMA employees in a meeting

What are the three key points for successfully developing your career at PUMA? 

  • Bring in your ideas
  • Be passionate about your job
  • Listen to feedback and take it seriously to improve

What would you tell people interested in a career in IT? 

For me IT is the future. There are fewer and fewer jobs available where IT knowledge is not necessary. When you are working within the IT department, you are able to influence that future by bringing innovative ideas.

PUMA employees running

What is your passion outside of work?

I love doing sports such as football, tennis and running. This is also one of the reasons why I chose PUMA as my employer. Additionally, I enjoy watching big sports events on TV.