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5 Interview Tips from puma'S Talent Acquisition Team

Are you interested in working for the PUMA brand or have already sent your application? Here you'll find the 5 top ideas from our PUMA North America Talent Acquisition Team on how to rock your interview!

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1. Do Your Research

Get familiar with our Career Site, which holds a wealth of information on what it’s like to work for PUMA. Spending just 10 minutes online reading about the company will provide you with more context around the role you’re interviewing for as well as additional topics to discuss with the interviewers. Doing your research is a simple way to show that you are invested in the opportunity.

Candidates who are able to discuss their knowledge about PUMA instantly stand out over the competition. The time that you spend preparing for an interview shows how passionate you are about the opportunity says Gina Pomponi, Junior People & Organization Partner

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2. Be Yourself

One of our core values for PUMA’s corporate culture is “Be You,” so be yourself during the interview! This will allow the hiring manager to assess if you would be a fit for the team and provides additional insight on your communication style. Be engaging during the interview so your true self can shine through.

Gina Pomponi

3. Provide Specific Answers

When answering a question, describe a problem that you encountered, how you addressed it, and the outcome. One tip for structuring your answers is using the STAR technique:

  • Situation – set the scene and provide context
  • Task – explain what needed to be done
  • Action – what action did you take?
  • Result – what was the outcome?

When approaching your interview with PUMA, think about how your responses can be as specific as possible. The more concrete your answers are, the more confident the interviewer will be in your skills and abilities.

Writing Questions down


As much as an interview is about finding out if you are the right fit for the role, you also need to find out if the role is the right fit for you. If you have questions about a certain aspect of the company culture or the role itself, don’t be afraid to ask the interviewers about it. Asking a couple of simple questions is better than not asking any questions at all.

Asking the right questions will allow you to be confident that the opportunity is a fit for you. Your questions could lead to additional insight and conversations with the team that otherwise may not have occurred during the interview, says Meghan Sweeney, People Connection & Attraction Specialist

5. Follow Up

The final interview step: sending a “thank you.” It is important to thank the team members for meeting with you and to express your interest in the role one last time. If you do not receive the team’s contact information, take the initiative to ask your recruiter. They will either provide you with the necessary contact information or pass the “thank you” message along for you.