PUMA interns talking

Summer Internships at PUMA India

At PUMA, we are always in search of talent that can help us set the pace at which sport and culture collide, as well as find better ways to connect and collaborate with our communities. To help us get more insights into the fast-moving world at PUMA India, we caught up with 5 summer interns to know about their journey and tips for future interns.


Experiencing the PUMA family vibe

"Being a person who was new to the “corporate culture”, I was really excited for my internship. Right from the beginning, I was given cross-functional projects, which allowed me to learn from different functional heads and look at a problem from various perspectives. The freedom to express my ideas and the constant support from the team made work even more exciting and gave me a sense of ownership for my projects. 
At PUMA, we were not just encouraged to give our best at work, but we were also provided with opportunities for our holistic development, especially when it came to work-life balance or our mental health. This truly created a “family culture” for all of us. The collaborative and friendly culture, and the inspiring female leaders at work were the best part of PUMA for me." - Sreehitha G, MBA, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

PUMA interns talking

Make use of the feedback you get

“For a sports enthusiast like me, PUMA was the best company I have interned with. From great projects, an amazing mentor to insightful work visits, PUMA has charted out the best experience for me. I worked on interesting projects from ideation to implementation like ‘Steppin’ which is aimed at promoting a circular economy. 

My one advice for the future candidates will be to take complete ownership but at the same time avoid the I-got-it-all approach. Timely feedback from your mentor is important as it keeps you aligned with project goals so you can work more efficiently and mistakes can be fixed directly in the beginning stage." - Foram Naik, Management student from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Bengaluru. 

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Be a hustler

"From the very first day when I sat in the PUMA audi, the palpable energy of the employees and other selected interns made me realise that I am in for something memorable. Being part of the marketing team at PUMA, I never felt left out neither did I get treated like a college intern. The onus and the freedom I got in terms of my project came as a great surprise. During my tenure, I worked on in-store activation for the World Cup campaign, supported the communication strategy for the launch of the Golden Shoe and led UGC collaborations. The fact that my inputs and work were respected helped build my confidence. 

A piece of advice that I have for any future intern will be to hustle hard and the learning curve will be boundless." - Prateek Gulati, MBA, Mudra Institute of Communications.

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Focus is the key

"Given that I am a sports enthusiast myself, I couldn’t think of a company better than PUMA to start my corporate career with. I was at PUMA 6 months ago as an e-commerce intern, the culture at the workplace is great. I had the freedom to approach anyone for guidance and support. I also loved how PUMA encouraged me to fuel sports in my life.

My advice to other interns will be to never lose focus because here at PUMA you’ll get a lot of exposure, whether from projects you are working on or the opportunity to learn from wonderful people out there. "
- Naimisha Nalli, MBA at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore and a national level Badminton player.

PUMA intern standing

Stay open-minded

"I vividly remember my first PUMA shoe which my dad gifted me way back in 2008 and ever since PUMA became a part of my life. I could never stop my urge to barge into a PUMA store when ever I came across one. The brand never seems to stop amazing me. As part of the strategy team at PUMA, my job involves in-depth research and data collection that helped build planning strategies to improve process efficiencies. In my opinion, the most important thing of an organization are its people, followed by its culture, and PUMA has both.

My tip would be to stay open minded and you’ll be rewarded with great exposure and learning opportunities" - Ojas Rajpal, Post Graduate Program, Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow