the offices of PUMA

Big in PUMA Japan

Beside a vibrant atmosphere, a great view, and of course, exciting PUMA products, PUMA Japan has much to offer to anyone interested in joining. Check out what our colleagues have to say:

Ian Gan holding a PUMA shoe

Why PUMA Japan?

Ian Gan GTM Operations Executive

I was interested in Japanese fashion and culture. And I was strongly attracted to PUMA Japan because of the unique collections inspired by Japanese traditional culture. My favorite footwear is actually the TSUGI, which means “next” in Japanese. So, I'm pretty passionate about working with this exclusive model that represents Japan. I'm a GTM Operations Executive at PUMA Japan, managing the editing and publishing of "CATch up Japan". That's PUMA's employee magazine, which delivers the latest news about upcoming new collections and lifestyle tips to the employees of PUMA Japan. It really helps that I'm multi-lingual and have extensive knowledge of fashion.

Anna Schneewind in one of Japan's PUMA offices

What do you like about PUMA Japan?

Anna Schneewind Dual Student International Business

As an intern from Germany, I've been with the Retail team for a month. I really like PUMA Japan. People are very kind and respectful to each other, and they take good care of me. After I experienced the offices in Germany and Japan, I can say the two are very different. Despite the size of the office, it's very quiet. It creates a good environment to focus on work. I also enjoyed playing futsal with my colleagues after work, and it’s been a great opportunity for me to socialize with people from other teams. I love the “Work Hard, Play Hard” culture.

Ai Sakai at work

How is the working life at PUMA Japan?

Ai Sakai Site Consultant / Senior EC Executive

As Site Consultant / Senior EC Executive, I develop strategies to brand and promote PUMA products on the EC website of wholesale business partners. I work in collaboration with other teams and it's mandatory that everyone is on the right track. People at PUMA Japan are very punctual, organized and responsible, so the work flow is very smooth.

Beside that, I run 10km every day after work. During the PUMA Night Run in 2017, I participated as a member of the Japanese team. And I won the Championship of Female Elite Run 21km. So yes, you can say since joining PUMA, I'm very passionate about running!