Athlete & Designer

Hannah Lin Schaffrath Designer Sportstyle Apparel

As a competitive athlete and designer, sport undoubtedly influences my work in how I identify with and understand the needs of our consumer since they are my needs also. It is through design that I tackle and solve these problems. While growing up in Sweden, I got massively into sports like bodybuilding, later powerlifting and then into competitive crossfit. While at the gym, I was highly aware of men and women feeling uncomfortable in their clothes and how it took the joy out of the activity which I wanted to change.

PUMA employee Hanna Lin Schaffrath
smiling face of an athlete

My mission is to make product that regardless of the wearer’s body shape or fitness level, they feel great about themselves rather than being overly consumed with how they look. Thinking about the consumer on this level gives my work purpose and reinforces my reasoning for design decisions which I find both challenging and incredibly rewarding. 

Sport has had a tremendous effect on me, making me strong and more confident. If I can help others feel comfortable, I am proud about the impact I can have.