Leave an impact

Con O'Brien 
Graphic Designer Color & Materials Teamsport Footwear

My passion for design predominantly stems from graffiti.
Whilst growing up in the South of Ireland, I was fascinated by the constantly changing styles, color combinations and custom characters in my city. I first started sketching on the bus, but it later followed everywhere I could get a pencil to paper, in school, at home and then onto walls.


PUMA designer in Herzogenaurach
spray cans and graffiti

The relationship I have with graffiti quickly developed from being initially only a creative outlet into an important way for me to express myself. I really valued having the ability to communicate visually with people when I struggled to articulate myself otherwise. It meant a lot to me and the effect of finding something that I was overwhelmingly passionate about made me want to pursue it entirely.

I was still unsure if I could actually make a career out of it but that didn’t stop me from trying. With an interest in communication, I chose to study Graphic Design. While studying, graffiti became much more than a hobby but an absolute passion that was everything I was interested in, which ultimately influenced my decision to leave. I choose to focus purely on graffiti because being more artistic, it provided a creative process with no boundaries and the specific skill set I wanted to attain. When I made the decision, I made a new commitment to myself. I would work day and night to develop my own style further, exploring and experimenting with new techniques to get my name out there, which I still do today and maybe even more so. 

Design - Session with Antoine Griezmann

Submerging myself in graffiti culture has had a huge impact on me and the values I learned continue to stand to my benefit today. Graffiti taught me the importance of being original, working hard and respecting others which in turn influenced how I treat my work and others. Whether I work on PUMA briefs or on projects with footballers like Antoine Griezmann, I apply the same thinking and care to my work. I want to create a story that the consumer can relate to, but much more than that: I want to visualize what the consumer wants to represent. For me, growing up and through graffiti, I understand and appreciate the impact color, shape and story when combined have on me, and so I want to create the same for the consumer, making them feel more bold and confident in themselves.