Maximilian Molkenthin Senior Head of Logistics

We’ve all heard phrases like: "logistical nightmare" and "the pains of modernization" but for Maximilian Molkenthin, Senior Head of Logistics-Europe, these phrases hardly exist. Logistics is literally the final link in PUMA’s production chain.

Senior Head Max with PUMA shoe boxes
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After all the designing and developing is complete, the company must be able to get its’ merchandise from the production line to the warehouse and into the hands of the customer with speed and efficiency. In PUMA’s European sector, the development and execution of this process is Maximilian’s time to shine.

Growing up in Gelsenkirchen, a mid-sized city in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, he played soccer and always wanted to work on an international level. One would never guess that behind his quiet and modest exterior, his brain is ticking away at lightning speed, considering new warehouse techniques and long-term logistics strategies.

The whole world is diverse, challenging and complicated. And I personally like it.

maximilian molkenthin senior head of logistics 

Max seems to march to the steady beat of a problem-solving drum, creating solutions every day that make systems run smoothly. When the logistical process is invisible to the customer, then Max has achieved his ultimate goal. The best part of logistics, Max says is the versatility of the industry. The best part of his job specifically - the fact that while many of his colleagues come from Franconia, all 140 people he works with have completely different skill sets and educational backgrounds. He relishes the fact that he gets to have conversations with people from varying perspectives all day long.

More than 15 years ago, he started at PUMA as an intern and has stayed for all this time because of the opportunities for growth and autonomy. The challenge of doing business in English in the middle of rural Germany led to his insight: "The whole world is diverse. It’s challenging and sometimes complicated. What you see here at PUMA is a small version of that. I personally like it because it’s colorful. You get different points of view and in the end, it makes the experience better."