Eyes Fixed on the Future

Helmut Fischer has seen PUMA grow from its beginnings to what it is today and always felt a deep connection to the brand. Today, he's Senior Marketing Advisor and better known as Mister PUMA.

Discover a Legend
Helmut Fischer presenting a PUMA sneaker
PUMA Teamhead Heike kissing a blue pinguine

Here and Back Again

Life doesn't run on a straight path. But for Heike Zenkel it was just what she needed to get where she is now.

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Impressions: Apprentices

So, what's it like, being an apprentice at PUMA? One thing is for sure: It's not about who can get coffee the fastest.

Meet Future Talents
three employees working in NOHO
people walking on the PUMA bridge

Impressions: Career Development

At PUMA, we're always determined to become be a better version of ourselves by unlocking our potential. Discover what some PUMA employees have to say about their training opportunities.

Achieve Development

Impressions: Dual Students

Joining PUMA becomes even faster, when you're a dual student. How fast? Our dual students are here to tell you – of their study program, their opportunities and what it's like as dual student at PUMA.

Double the Score
three employees outside of PUMA building
PUMA Manager Riccardo Lunardon

Intangibles Count

Riccardo Lunardon started out as an intern with PUMA, seeking a place where he could become Forever Faster.

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A Shoe Story

Reading stories is something we're all familiar with. Stefano Favaro tells them in the most unlikely medium: PUMA shoes.

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PUMA Creative Director Stefano Favaro
PUMA Creative Director Stuart Adams

Do not change to fit a mold

While Stu saw many people come and go in the 20 years, the most successful ones at PUMA are those who stay true to themselves.

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Forever Empowering the TALENTS of Tomorrow

From Dashboard to Borussia Dortmund! Learn, develop, share, and connect. German Sports Company PUMA and the Technical University of Nuremberg have strengthened their cooperation.

Champion Up
People in front of PUMA building
Lead PLM Neil Speaight

Moving Fast

From Runner to Maker: Neil Speaight started out as sponsored PUMA athlete and that brought him to our Running Unit. Though as life is, things change and for Neil, they changed for the better to grow as a person.

Go full throttle

Helpful Thoughts for Office Life in Japan

With 18 years of experience in working in Japan, Shane Runyan knows the ins and outs of Japanese office culture. So, if you're bound to work at PUMA Japan, add reading his helpful thoughts to your preparations.

Spot the difference
PUMA employee Shane Runyan sitting on a chair
office in Japan's PUMA office

Big in PUMA Japan

PUMA is an international company, so there's a wide range of different cultures. But as PUMA Japan can prove, the PUMA mentality stays the same: Work hard. Play hard.

Rise up

Tips for Living Abroad

Relocating from one country to another is quite common at PUMA and we're always ready to help. Adrian Cuevas has had his own share of relocations and has some helpful tips for everyone.

Get a move on
Senior Product Line Manager Motorsport Adrian
Manager Cathy Hur wearing PUMA

Recharge Your Battery with PUMA Flex

Why is a good work-life balance important? Cathy Hur from PUMA Korea can give you some insights.

Balance it out

How to Be a Highly Effective Team Member

Working at PUMA is a lot like being an athlete in a team. And Manuel Contador can tell you exactly what makes an effective team member.

Team up
PUMA Senior Manager Manuel with a ball