D-Shawn Caraballo - Junior production artist e-com

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This is my story

I am a Junior Production Artist with the E-commerce department here at our North American office in Boston. I started in this role September 2019,  however I had been with the company almost a year prior to that as an intern. Long story short, I had an incredible journey to get here and I took a risk by leaving my full-time job as a college counselor to follow my passion and my internship helped me accomplish just that.

My advice

My advice for future incoming interns with PUMA is to build connections everywhere. Unfortunately, we get comfortable in our close work circle most of the time. Instead, make time to meet someone new. Go to lunch and sit with someone, say hi in the line or just a simple smile can be a way to connect with someone. The simplest introduction can help build people’s comfort and put trust in you. You gain a good reputation and they gain a new trusted colleague. That way, everyone wins.

I was a graphic design intern for the Sportstyle Business Unit here at PUMA. My then boss was incredible and let me venture off into other departments to experience something different and see what I really wanted to do.


This was when I had the chance to dive into photography and video projects, which I fell in love with. Those skills came in handy when COVID-19 hit and I had the know-how and opportunity to shoot products and videos for PUMA. Obviously, due to strict regulations our usual outside vendors weren't allowed to do the job. Taking initiative early on allowed me to be ready to take on bigger responsibilities in my full-time role. 

The best part of working at PUMA is the people I get to work with and work for. They are a great group of amazing people from all different walks of life and all different experiences. They have been some of the most supportive colleagues, which makes coming to work a lot easier when you genuinely like where you work. Also, being one of the first to always get my hands on cool gear is not bad either.



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