Herzogenaurach, Germany; August 1, 2020


Sports company PUMA has today released the new Football Association of Iceland (KSI) Home kit for the 2020/21 season to be worn by the men’s, women’s and youth teams of Iceland. The Home jersey is inspired by the countries unique landscape and volcanic basalt rock column formations and marks the first time the new Iceland logo will be displayed on the shirt. The logo features a new design, combining the guardian spirits of Iceland who protect and watch over the land. 

The new KSI Home jersey features an all-over graphic inspired by the volcanic activity of Iceland and its stunning natural beauty. Iceland is situated on a constructive plate boundary, resulting in the generation of spectacular natural formations, shapes and colors as molten basalt protrudes from within the Earth’s surface. The basalt then reacts with icy fresh air, leading to the production of unique and uniformed columns, symbolized by the red columns situated on the true-blue and electric blue base of the jersey. To complement the jersey, the kit also features true-blue and electric-blue shorts and socks.


Adorned on the jersey is the newly developed KSI logo taking inspiration from the guardian spirits of Iceland. The new logo represents solidarity and protecting one’s position, the home turf other teams should fear. The spirit symbols are famous in Icelandic folklore paying tribute to the country’s fighting spirit and heritage. The logo features a modern version of the guardian spirits, showcasing the four spirits intertwined to form a single entity, the bull, the giant, the vulture and the dragon. 

The new KSI Home kit will be available for pre-sale on August 10th and will be on sale instore August 21st on PUMA.com, at PUMA retailers and at select retailers worldwide.


Luke Haidarovic
Senior Manager PR Teamsport

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