Herzogenaurach, Germany, June 1, 2020


PUMA brings back the Mirage, a running shoe that first appeared in the 1970s, and blends it with the fresh influences of modern life to create the Mirage OG.

The Mirage has been in the PUMA family for close to half a century, first introduced as a lightweight track and field shoe and then reissued as a jogging shoe in the 1990s with the addition of comfortable foam. In 2020, the Mirage OG makes a comeback as an essential streetwear shoe, which will be a perfect addition to any fashion forward outfit, without compromising on comfort.



The original design featured nylon, suede leather trimmings, and a foam wedge insert. In the 90s, the shoe was updated to include suede cutouts and EVA technology, adding both style and comfort. Blurring the lines of the past and present, the new Mirage OG features a textile upper with suede overlays, synthetic leather formstrip, transparent rubber detail on the heel, a die cut EVA midsole, and reflective elements on the heel.

Alberto Turincio Smith
Teamhead Touchpoints Sportstyle
Liz Smith
Manager PR Sportstyle

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