Community Engagement

Bring communities forward through sports. At PUMA, we know sport is one of the strongest links between people – we feel it every day. And so, we readily share our Speed and Spirit through community engagement.


That’s the motto of PUMA’s four key areas which our employees can focus on: *Sports & Health, Protection of Environment, Equality & Non-discrimination, Education.* These areas are not only part of PUMA’s corporate culture – they are our heritage. Thus, we are convinced they will help us to make a strong impact in the communities where PUMA is involved.

Sport & Health

Sport and facing challenges: That’s the core of PUMA from day one. By giving others the opportunity to do sports, we give them the chance to grow on challenges and to increase their chances in life with strengthened soft skills.

Protection of the Environment

We are aware: There’s only this one Earth for all of us. As a global sports brand, we can reach people worldwide and inspire them to protect our environment. And we are proud to be an active player in bettering the quality of life today and tomorrow.

Equality & Non-discrimination

At PUMA, we live and breathe equality, seeing the potential of each person, their skills and background. That's why we infuse this spirit in our community engagement projects – for a sustainable and inclusive community.


Education is the greatest tool anyone can give to those in need. It empowers and is inclusive in its possibilities. So, we drive education in the communities where PUMA is involved for a sustainable future.

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Driving Community Engagement

Pushing beyond the limits is what we do. And that counts just as much for our sustainable work.

Charity Cat

Established by a group of PUMA employees in 2004, Charity Cat is a non-profit organization in Germany we have close ties with and regularly collaborate with. It is run independently from PUMA, and employees have donated their free time in funding and running various charitable projects. Charity Cat works on local and international projects, and supports long-term cooperation as well as short-term work for good causes.

For instance, Charity Cat gathered donations for Mexico after the country was hit by devastating earthquakes. They joined forces with other PUMA employees in every region to collect donations and could make a significant contribution in support of the victims. One of their long-term projects is their partnership with an orphanage in Haiti, an initiative that has been on-going for more than six years, and they aim to develop it further in the future.


Boys & Girls Club

PUMA North America annually hosts the Field Day Frenzy for The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell, near PUMA Westford. The annual community service day for about 100 children is geared towards building teamwork and open communication.

Real de Indias

Supported by PUMA, Charity Cat has recently established a partnership with Real de Indias, a Colombian non-profit institution constituted as a Football Club. Real de Indias works to educate and develop children and youths through football.

PUMA Shuanglian

Shuanglian Reservoir Wetland

PUMA Taiwan partnered with The Society of Wilderness (SOW) and Taiwan Environmental Information Association (TEIA) to assist their local community in Yilan County and protect the Shuanglian Reservoir Wetland by restoring the area.

Sumangali Sevashram

Together with the Smile Foundation, PUMA India supports Sumangali Seva Ashram, a school for underprivileged children in Bengaluru. The goal is to enhance learning interest and abilities, while offering opportunities for holistic development.