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Forever Faster LogisticS

Logistics at PUMA is our product gateway to the world. Whether it's enabling smooth product flows within the PUMA world, getting products faster to customers or providing solutions for the logistic challenges of a global company, our logistics team is the glue that keeps things together.

Katie Vachon

always providing solutions

Our team goal is to provide the best service to all internal and external customers guaranteeing it is easy to do business with PUMA. With a highly motivated team and the best mix of different mindsets, experiences and new ideas, we manage imports, customs clearance, on-time deliveries and ensure smooth flows of PUMA products around the world.

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New challenges everyday

At the heart of PUMA’s operations, the logistics team is ready to fix upcoming challenges and always act with a solution-oriented attitude. This department keeps things running smoothly to provide the best possible service to the PUMA world.
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Service as our mantra

Coordination is key in logistics. Our team does not only ensure a smooth flow of products but also spreads the relevant information to make sure our business partners are well-informed, and things can keep running as planned.

Our Priorities

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our footprint

We are moving PUMA products across the entire world and try to keep our footprint as little as possible. Across our entire supply chain, we are promoting eco-friendliness and sustainability wherever possible.

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Sustainability Initiatives

To preserve our beautiful and unique planet, PUMA has set up its 10For20 Sustainability Targets. Responsible for moving products across the globe, the logistics department is an important partner in achieving these goals. We are always looking for ways to lower our CO2-emissions and keep our footprint as little as possible.

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Green Perspectives

Our team is constantly driving new logistics and warehouse projects around the globe. In all our projects we are aiming for eco-friendly solutions to provide the best possible service in a sustainable way.

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Customer-focused Solutions

At PUMA Logistics we strive for customer-focused and innovative solutions. In other words, we want to make it easy to do business with us! This mantra challenges us to stay ahead and keep developing our expertise for state-of-the-art and modern approaches.

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Secure, Sustainable, Efficient

By combining modern technology and human expertise, our warehouses are operating in a secure, sustainable and efficient manner. The PUMA logistics team is constantly in quest of ways to accelerate our product flow, so customers are getting their PUMA kicks even faster!

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Thinking of the Future

This project shows how we're always trying to get better, get faster. This means talking to people, watching the industry ... and to make all that work, we need to make it practical, like making our warehouse scalable for future needs.

Maximilian Molkenthin

The whole world is diverse. What you see here at PUMA is a small version of that.

Maximilian Molkenthin Senior Head of Logistics
Running a dream

Push your career

Play on the Team

The best way to learn? Directly with the team. It’s essential for our team spirit and brings us closer together. You're integrated directly and receive training on the job. Additional external specialist courses add the final fine-tuning.

PUMA Courses

With PUMA's 70-20-10 rule, you have the chance to hone your skills through additional training offered by PUMA and through external coaching.

Switch Sides

Take on a fresh perspective by rotating between teams to gain more insights and experience within the department. Especially when you're out for a new challenge or want to do something specific, you're given the opportunity of new tasks.